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Ralph Schwingel

Birthdate: 1955/08/27
born in: Neunkirchen, Germany

Filmfanatics-Interview with Ralph Schwingel


Cologne Conference, 2004, Producers Award
Shared with: Stefan Schubert

European Film Awards, 2004, European Film Award, Best Film
for: "Gegen die Wand"
Shared with: Stefan Schubert (producer)

German Film Awards, 2007, Film Award Gold (Nominated)
for: "Emmas Glück" (2006)
Shared with: Stefan Schubert, Hejo Emons

Verona Love Screens Film Festival, 2007, Youth Jury Award, Best Film
for: "Emmas Glück" (2006)
Shared with: Hejo Emons, Stefan Schubert


Underdogs (2007)

Anruferin, Die (2007)
- The Calling Game (International: English title)

Emmas Glück (2006)
- Emma's Bliss (International: English title)

FC Venus (2006) (executive producer)

Kebab Connection (2005)

Andere Liga, Eine (2005)
- In Another League (Australia: TV title)

Gegen die Wand (2004)
- Head-On (International: English title)

Northern Star (2003)

Solino (2002)

Geschichten aus dem Lepratal (2002)

Anam (2001)
- My Mother (USA)

Göttlicher Job, Ein (2001)
- A Goddamn Job (International: English title)

Im Juli. (2000)
- In July (International: English title)

Pelon maantiede (2000) (co-producer)
- Geographie der Angst (Germany)
- The Geography of Fear (International: English title)

Kurz und schmerzlos (1998)
- Short Sharp Shock (USA)

Auf der Kippe (1997)
- Wasteland

Back in Trouble (1997)

Getürkt (1996)

Sensin - Du bist es! (1995)

by Birgit Heidsiek

Filmfanatics-Interview with Ralph Schwingel
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