David Kross

born in: Bargteheide, Germany

David Kross was born in Bargteheide, Germany. His first movie was Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge also known as Help, I'm a Boy! in 2002. He was the leading actor in Knallhart (2006) and Krabat (2008).

His most recent leading role is in the film The Reader, in which David Kross plays the role of a 15-year-old Michael Berg who falls in love with Hanna Schmitz in post-World War II Germany. Kross also plays the same role as a 22-year-old growing up university law student attending Hanna Schmitz's trial as well.

Although most of the actors in the film are well-known veterans, Kross, at 17, was relatively unknown, with only a small amount of knowledge of English. He had to learn the language to be able to act in a major role in this all English-language movie.

Kross is acting in a new German film, Same Same But Different, to be shot in Cambodia.

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