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Alex Van Warmerdam

Birthdate: 1952/08/14
born in: Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Watch Now: Emma Blank - Trailer

Birgit Heidsiek talks to Alex Van Warmerdam


Film-maker, writer, designer, director and actor Alex van Warmerdam was born on 14 August 1952 in Haarlem. After studying at the Graphic School he went on to train at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and was co-founder of the legendary music-theatre company, Hauser Orkater. Since 1980 he has made ten theatre shows with his company, De Mexicaanse Hond (The Mexican Hound), including Graniet (Granite), Kaatje Is Verdronken (Katie has been drowned), Kleine Teun en Adel Blank. His collected theatre works and his novel De Hand van een Vreemde (The Hand of a Stranger) were published by Thomas Rap publishing house. Besides his many film prizes, he was awarded the prestigious Prins Bernhard Prize for Culture for his entire theatre and film oeuvre, the Albert van Dalsum Prize by the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch/Flemish Theatre Writers Prize.

At the end of the '70s, he wrote the script and the storyboard for the filming of Hauser Orkater's Entree Brussels and Striptease, together with Jim van der Woude and director Frans Weisz. After the short film De Stedeling (The Townee), he made his first feature film, Abel, in 1986, followed by De Noordelingen (The Northerners), De Jurk (The Dress) and Kleine Teun (Little Tony)


De laatste dagen van Emma Blank (2009) ... aka The Last Days of Emma Blank
Ober (2006) ... aka Waiter
Grimm (2003)
Kleine Teun (1998) ... aka Little Tony
De jurk (1996) ... aka The Dress (USA)
De noorderlingen (1992) ... aka The Northerners
Abel (1986) ... aka Voyeur (USA)

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Watch Now: Emma Blank - Trailer
The Last Days Of Emma Blank

by Birgit Heidsiek

Birgit Heidsiek talks to Alex Van Warmerdam
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