Prof. Brendan N. Ward
Birthdate: 1954/12/26
Country: USA
Brendan N. Ward

DOB|: 12/26/54
Dual Citizenship: Republic of Ireland and USA


B.A., High Honors, Hunter College, New York, 1967: Mathematics and History

M.A., Cornell University, New York, 1970: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Ph.D. Cand, Cornell University, New York, 1972: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Theodor Mommsen Fellow, Balliol College, Oxford, 1970-1971

M.F.A., University of Iowa, 1976: Creative Writing


Professor of Film, FAMU, The Czech Film and Television Academy, Prague
Feature Film Development Director, ARMADA FILMS, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005


Playwright-in-Residence: Iowa Rep; Kansas Rep; Mark Taper Theatre, Los Angeles; New York Shakespeare Company, New York; Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Co., Minnesota; Riverside Shakespeare Co., New York; Vandam Theatre Co., New York; INTAR Theatre, New York; Project Arts Theatre, Dublin; Olympia Theatre, Dublin; Dumbo Arts Int’l. Theatre Management Co; Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York.

Staff Writer, “Maude” prime time television series, C.B.S. Television, 1976-1977.
Staff Writer. “Good Times Harry” prime time television series, C.B.S. Television, 1978.

Long Term Story Editor and Dialogue Writer, “As The World Turns” and “Another World”, daytime drama series development, Procter and Gamble Productions, C.B.S. and A.B.C. television, 1985-1995.

Feature Film Development Director, New Horizons Entertainment, under contract to Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Warner Brothers, Home Box Office, Universal Pictures, MGM/UA, Showtime and others, 1981-1997.

Feature Film Development Director, ARMADA FILMS, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005.
Co-Director, Higher Institute for Script Development Pedagogy, FAMU, Prague, 2005


“American Harvest”: for Warner Brothers, Goldie Hawn Productions, Barbra Streisand, Barwood Pictures, Executive Producer.

“Only Child:” for HBO, Academy Award winner, Ira Wohl, Director.

“A Woman Apart” C.B.S. Theatrical Films, for Julie Cristie. John Duigan, Director.

“The Alexander Cylinder” for Mel Gibson, Jon Gordon, Miramax, Producer.

“Central Avenue” MTV Pictures, for Marissa Tomei, Wilhem Dafoe. Luis Dantes, Director, with music by Ricky Martin.

“Bedlam” for Showtime Pictures, Ken Rosenberg, Director.

“The Blue Suitcase“ (co-writer with Gianfilippo Ascione, Cesare Frugoni), for RAI, Italian Television, Cattleya, Rome, Producers.

“Pane e Vino“ for RAI, Italian Television, Giovanni Morricone, Director.

“High Art“ with Ally Sheddy, and “Laurel Canyon“ with Frances McDormand, for Lisa Cholodenko, Director

“The Renaissance Popes” for HBO, Douglas Milles, Producer. Neil Jordan, Director.

“Cuba: Island of Music“ Feature Documentary, Gary Keys, Director. (In Release)


Image Factory, Inc., New York, producer and controller, animation production house.

”Recipe for Murder“for RAI, Italian Television, Rome.. Raphael Mertes, Director.

“Turning Point“Television series Bible for new multi-episode, half-hour series for WE T.V., Cablevision, New York (with Procter and Gamble Executive Producer, Ken Fitts).
“Cinemax Presents“six original short films for Cinemax Channel, including “Comedy“, Horror“ and “Cinemax Family Movies“, Marilyn MacAleer, Producer

“American Corporate Profiles“, series of 40 infomercials for CCTV, Beijing, profiling major American companies doing business in China including: G.M., General Electric, Wall Mart, Walt Disney, etc. broadcast on Economic Half-Hour, the most important T.V. program in The People’s Republic, watched by all the influential policy makers in China.

“Entertainment Tonight, China“Television series co-venture with Paramount and CCTV, Beijing. Developed co-venture with GuoXi Fu, obtained China authorizations, planned co-production with local Chinese affiliates, and supervised legal contracts. First co-venture program between American Film Studio and China.

““, Internet Film Festival Program with interview and news coverage of major film festivals around the world. 15 Interviews of new International Film Directors.


In the Name of the Nation“, 15 day Festival of Irish Cinema, Film Society of Lincoln Center, 1995. First comprehensive look at Irish Cinema, 1916-1994.


(Theatre and Film)

Director: Latino Playwrights Lab, INTAR Theatre, New York, 1980-1990.
Director, Int’l. Playwrights Festival, Mark Taper Theatre, Los Angeles, 1991.

Professor of Film and Theatre, Yale University, School of Drama, 1981-1991.
Professor of Film, Film and Television Institute, New York University, 1985-1988.
Professor of Film, Graduate Film Division, Columbia University, 1991-2004.
Visiting Professor, Hanoi Institute for Film and Theatre, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1993.
Visiting Professor, Escuela Int‘l .de Cine, San Antonio, Havana, Cuba, 1996-2000.
Visiting Professor, FAS: Film Training and Development, Dublin, Ireland., 2000.
Professor of Film, FAMU, Czech Film Academy, Prague, 2004-present.


“The Art of the Screenplay“ script development text used in many American and European film schools.

“VIOLENCE“ A Play by Giuseppe Fava, translated from the Italian by Gaetano Cipolla, Introduction and Critical Dramaturgy by Brendan N. Ward


2 Obie Awards for Service to the Theatre, INTAR, New York.

4 Golden Globes and 2 Oscars nominations to my students for Best Screenplay.

Emmy Award nomination for “Maude“.


United States, NYC

United States/ Austria


Prof. Brendan N. Ward

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