TWC, Disney pact on 'Nine'

Deal covers cross-format promotions for film


To promote its upcoming holiday tentpole "Nine," the Weinstein Co. has turned to Disney in a big way.

In its largest promotion to date, Disney/ABC Unlimited -- the sales group that handles Disney's cross-platform media deals -- has sealed a megapact with Weinstein that will embed content about "Nine" on a wide variety of shows, including ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" and daytime sudsers.

Under the arrangement, a themed dance number on the Nov. 17 episode of "Stars" will be set to the "Nine" song "Be Italian." Dancers will also wear outfits from the movie.

Meanwhile, throughout the month of December, "Nine" will be written into episodes of "All My Children," "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital."

Also, on Nov. 22, a two-minute "Nine" trailer will run simultaneously "road-block" style on Lifetime, ABC Family, SoapNet, A&E and Bio. That same night, the trailer is set to run on ABC during the "American Music Awards."

"We thought that the ABC Unlimited Group, with their multi-platform offerings, delivered the best demo that we were trying to find outside just the 30-second TV spot," said Francois Martin, senior vice president of marketing at the Weinstein Co. "Environmentally, it's a great fit."

The customized campaign also includes a microsite on devoted to the release of the movie, including a sweepstakes, streaming of the movie trailer and a half-hour "Making of 'Nine'" special.

Deal also extends to late night, where "Nine" will be integrated via a taped segment. ABC's owned TV stations will also be involved, as well as ABC's Times Square supersign.

"Look at the breadth of who we reach," said Disney/ABC Unlimited senior VP Dan Longest. "We can reach any demo multiple times through any given day."

Disney/ABC Unlimited has worked with Weinstein in the past for campaigns surrounding "The Nanny Diaries" and "The Mist." But this reps the biggest arrangement to date.

"On a scale, this is much larger," said Disney/ABC Unlimited vp Gwen Grech.

Longest also said this repped a rare campaign where the exact same creative will exist across all platforms.

"ABC, Lifetime, ABC Family, ESPN, they all have their own marketing people," Longest said. "To come up with one consistent message that exists across all those platforms is really tough. But we strive when we can to have a common theme."

Deal also involved Palisades Media, which handles media buying for Weinstein Co.

Multi-platform campaigns are becoming increasingly common at the networks; Microsoft recently sealed a similar deal with News Corp.'s Fox One to promote its Windows 7. (That pact, however, was most notable for what ultimately didn't happen -- Microsoft's decision to first sponsor, and then pull out of, a variety special hosted by "Family Guy's" Seth MacFarlane.)

In going with a multi-platform marketing strategy, Martin said he felt it was necessary to hit multiple platforms, given "the media environment we're in now."

"The audience is not just watching TV," he said. "There's a fragmentation. They're also online, they're accessing shows on Blackberrys. This allows us to say, this is the depth of programming we want to access. We want to go after audiences on several fronts."

Source: by Michael Schneider | 8374 Yucca Trail | CA 90046 West Hollywood, U.S.A
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