Exclusive Interview: Hanna Schygulla

about Fatih Akins "The Edge of Heaven" at the Havana Film Festival 2007


It was the Latin American premiere of Fatih Akin's best screenplay prize-winner from Cannes. It's a fascinating tale about a couple of characters from Germany and Turkey who meet and interconnect and discover the healing power of love, forgiveness and empathy. It's a brilliant movie and a definite nominee for a Best Foreign Language Oscar.

In the exclusive Filmfanatics Interview at the Havana Film Festival, the legendary grand dame of German film and beloved protagonist of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Hanna Schygulla, talks about her personal motivation to play the role of Susanne Staub in "The Edge of Heaven", about her experiences with upcoming star-director Fatih Akin and her growing friendship with the German-Turkish filmmaker.

Interview: Prof. Brendan Ward

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