The "Yes Men" crash BMW film charity gala at Berlinale

YES MEN fix the world, they demand stop making cars


Leonardo deCaprio, Bob Geldof and and Mikhail Gorbachev were among the dignataries momentarily blocked by protesters as they tied to enter BMW's high-octane "Cinema for Peace" charity gala in Berlin last night.

"We aren't leaving till BMW stops making cars" declared Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno (also known as "The Yes Men") as they planted themselves in the middle of the red carpet wearing ridiculous inflatable costumes. "Cars are killing the planet, and charity events that greenwash their image aren't helping."

Despite "tight security," the two men were able to waddle through a gap in the fence unnoticed, and made it half way up the red-carpeted grand staircase of the Konzerthaus Berlin where they sat down and refused to move. Confused celebrities had to navigate around the conspicuous balls for about five minutes until security guards clumsily removed the them by force. The protestors sustained a few bruises and a bloodied nose but were otherwise unharmed.

Although BMW does have an electric car, most of their business is in phallus-enhancing gas guzzlers. The acquisition of petroleum that is used in BMW's cars has been identified as the source of ongoing wars in several parts of the world, making them an unlikely sponsor of an event calling for peace.

In addition to ongoing violence over the acquisition of oil, burning petroleum in BMW engines is accelerating climate change, which already kills 150,000 people per year and by 2050 will make a billion homeless (according to one UN study). Historically, mass displacement of people has resulted in war, which means that if BMW wants to avert war, the first thing they could do would be stop making the cars rather than having charity galas.

"This is yet another case where we treat the symptoms but ignore the disease," said Yes Man Mike Bonanno. Andy Bichlbaum continued: "If we don't fix our system and start regulating these companies, they will just keep on destroying the world and throwing parties while it burns." The Yes Men were already in town to launch their new film "The Yes Men Fix The World" at the Berlin Film Festival when they heard about the unrelated "Cinema for Peace" event and could not resist throwing a wrench in the works.

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