The Smile Cancel Tour Dates After Jonny Greenwood Hospitalized for Serious Illness

The Smile are canceling an August tour of Europe after Jonny Greenwood was recently hospitalized. “A few days ago, Jonny became seriously ill from an infection that needed emergency hospital treatment, some of it in intensive care,” the band shared. “Mercifully he is now out of danger and will soon return home.” See the Smile’s … Read more

Radical Historical Drama Is As Unconventional As The Aristocratic Women It Portrays

Summary Empress Elisabeth’s life explored in Sisi & I , focusing on her relationship with Countess Irma. Sandra Hüller and Susanne Wolff deliver natural interactions, portraying complex characters. The movie takes an unconventional approach to Sisi’s assassination, highlighting women’s relationships and societal demands. The fascinating if meandering drama Sisi & I (2023) (Sisi & Ich) … Read more

Georgia Woman Suffers Horrible Injuries After Attack from Deadly Spiders

A Georgia woman’s recovering after an attack by a group of deadly spiders landed her in the hospital … and, while she’s out of immediate danger, she says she may never be the same. Jessica Rogue — a single mom to three daughters just outside Athens, Georgia — came across several brown recluse spiders while … Read more

Emergency workers uncover dozens of bodies in a Gaza City district after Israeli assault

DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip — Civil defense workers on Friday dug bodies out of collapsed buildings and pulled them off rubble-covered streets, as they collected dozens of Palestinians killed this week by an Israeli assault in a district of Gaza City. The discovery of the bodies came after Israeli troops reportedly pulled out of parts … Read more

The Beach Boys All Summer Long’ Returns In Colored Vinyl Edition

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, a special new limited edition of The Beach Boys’ All Summer Long is out now in sunrise color vinyl. The new reissue is available in a high-quality numbered tip-on jacket. Shop the best of The Beach Boys’ discography on vinyl and more. All Summer Long was the Beach Boys’ … Read more

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Sequel Needs To Address This Storyline

The Big Picture Nigel from The Devil Wears Prada deserves redemption in the sequel for being an underappreciated character. Nigel’s character adds depth through his compelling mix of professional capability and personal vulnerability. The sequel should address Miranda’s betrayal of Nigel, and he should seek well-deserved justice. No one knew they needed to know the … Read more

Eminem attacks Candace Owens in new song following her ‘gay’ remarks

Eminem attacks Candace Owens in new song following her ‘gay’ remarks Eminem has sparked controversy with his latest album The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace), released on July 12. In the track Lucifer from his album Eminem attacked on conservative commentator Candace Owens. The rapper, targeted Owens, whom he dubbed “Klandace,” accusing her … Read more

Alice Munro was a Canadian icon. Then came the abuse revelations.

TORONTO — When she became the first Canadian to win the Nobel Prize in literature, the Toronto Star boasted “Alice Munro is ours.” Munro, a master of the short story, appeared on Canadian postage stamps, was celebrated with monuments, had a library and garden named in her honor. After Munro died in May at age … Read more