Most Efficient Solar Panels for 2024: New Record-Setting Panel Tops the List

Show more (2 items) The companies providing quotes may differ from those described in our independent reviews. Best overall: Maxeon 7 The new most efficient residential solar panel is the Maxeon 7, which dethroned the older Maxeon and Canadian Solar panels. Maxeon has been ahead of their peers in the industry when it comes to … Read more

Mexican president calls Trump ‘a friend,’ will warn him against closing border

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president called Donald Trump “a friend” Friday and said he would write to the former U.S. president to warn him against pledging to close the border or blaming migrants for bringing drugs into the United States. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called Trump, president from 2017 to 2021 and again the … Read more

Aly Raisman’s Children’s Book To ‘Empower’ Adolescents

Aly Raisman, once an Olympic gymnast, has become a powerful voice for mental health awareness. After stepping away from gymnastics, she began sharing her own mental health challenges openly, using her platform to help others understand and support those facing similar struggles. At 30 years old, Raisman once again addresses her past trauma and struggles … Read more

What caused the Microsoft Windows, CrowdStrike outage disrupting flights

Mass IT outages have caused disruptions around the world, with thousands of flights canceled or delayed and online services down at airports, hospitals, banks and businesses. Many Microsoft users started their day with an error screen — dubbed the “blue screen of death,” or BSOD error. The company says it is aware of an issue … Read more

Aurora Culpo Says She Was ‘Dumped’ by Bethenny Frankel’s Ex Paul Bernon

Aurora Culpo, star of The Culpo Sisters, has confirmed her breakup with Paul Bernon after two months of dating. Addressing the public revelation of their split by Paul’s ex-fiancée, Bethenny Frankel, Aurora spoke out on the July 17 episode of her Barely Filtered podcast. “Usually, I always like to keep the men in my life … Read more

The Inevitability of Big Tech Backing Trump

It is true just about everywhere, but especially in America: Real power is having control over the flow of resources. Property. Money. Information. If you command the levers of production—who gets what, when, and how—you dictate what the future holds, and who gets a say in it. Or in this case, you get to decide … Read more

How Microsoft, CrowdStrike IT outage is hitting global supply chain

A FedEx cargo plane. Leslie Josephs | CNBC The CrowdStrike software bug that crashed Microsoft operating systems and caused the largest IT outage in history caused disruptions at U.S. and global ports, with highly complex air freight systems suffering the heaviest hit, according to logistics experts, as global airlines grounded flights. “Planes and cargo are … Read more

Microsoft outage: CrowdStrike CEO apologizes for global outage

Numerous Windows PCs and computer systems across the world are down, affecting businesses like airlines, supermarkets, broadcasters, software providers, and more. The issue stems from a faulty update in the Falcon Sensor software from cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, and it’s causing BSOD – the “blue screen of death” – for a lot of people. SEE ALSO: … Read more

Clint Eastwood’s Longtime Girlfriend, Christina Sandera, Dead at 61

Christina Sandera — the longtime girlfriend of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood — has died … according to the actor-director. The Western star shared the sad news in a statement, where he confirmed his companion’s death Thursday evening … but provided no further details on the circumstances of her passing. He says … “Christina was a … Read more