Best video doorbell deal: Get a Google Nest Doorbell for its lowest price ever

SAVE $70: As of July 24, get the Google Nest Doorbell for just $109.99. That’s a 39% discount on its usual price of $179.99, and the lowest price we’ve seen. Unexpected visitors at your doorstep can make for anxiety, but it’s even scarier walking over to the door to actually see who’s there. That’s where … Read more

My Dumb Little Brain Just Got Blown After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time Last Week

1.In 2018, NASA captured an unreal-looking rectangular iceberg: 2.This is the last photograph ever taken of the Titanic: It sunk three days later. Alamy Stock Photo 3.This is what a report card from 1926 looks like: Knock off all that whispering! u/wtfimscreaming / Via 4.This camouflage, known as “dazzle camouflage,” was extremely popular during … Read more

Apple’s Sunny imagines a cozy future where screens fade into the background

Sunny, a new sci-fi dramedy on Apple TV Plus, is different from most visions of the future — mainly because it barely has any screens. Instead, the show imagines a time when technology is more seamlessly integrated into our lives. Phones rely primarily on audio, friendly robots help around the house, and computer monitors look … Read more

Death toll from fishing boat sunk in South Atlantic rises to 9 sailors. 4 are still missing at sea

MADRID — At least nine sailors perished and four others are still missing in rough seas after a fishing vessel sank in the South Atlantic some 200 miles (320 kilometers) off the Falkland Islands, Spanish authorities said Wednesday. Fourteen crew members made it onto life rafts and were rescued by two other fishing boats that … Read more

CityRock launches second fund to back founders from diverse backgrounds

CityRock announced on Wednesday the close of a $24 million Fund II to invest in founders from diverse backgrounds. The fund, which is part of H/L Ventures, will seek to back companies in areas such as climate, healthcare and the future of work. The firm has numerous legs to it, ranging from a venture studio … Read more

Timothee Chalamet Sings as Bob Dylan in ‘A Complete Unknown’ Trailer – Watch Now! | A Complete Unknown, Bob Dylan, Boyd Holbrook, Dan Fogler, Edward Norton, Elle Fanning, Monica Barbaro, Movies, Norbert Leo Butz, PJ Byrne, Scoot McNairy, Timothee Chalamet, Trailer, Will Harrison | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Timothee Chalamet stars as Bob Dylan in the upcoming biopic A Complete Unknown. Set in the influential New York music scene of the early 60s, the film follows 19-year-old Minnesota musician Bob Dylan’s (Chalamet) meteoric rise as a folk singer to concert halls and the top of the charts – his songs and mystique becoming … Read more

Contestant on ‘Race to Survive’ show kills New Zealand protected weka bird

An American contestant on a reality TV show is under fire for killing — and eating — a large flightless bird that is protected in mainland New Zealand, an offense that can lead to up to two years in prison or a significant fine. Spencer “Corry” Jones, who lives in Wyoming, was taking part on … Read more

Credit Karma unveils updated AI tools to help you better understand your finances

Getty Images/Westend61 Since its launch in 2007, Credit Karma has aimed to help people make sense of their finances by providing them with key insights, resources, and more. On Wednesday, Credit Karma unveiled an updated version of Intuit Assist, a generative AI financial assistant initially launched in private beta last fall.  The AI assistant, available … Read more

Bianca Censori Pushes Limit With Her Racy Style During LA Outing

Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, has once again pushed the boundaries of her racy fashion with her latest outing at the iconic Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. The model, who has been making headlines for her daring style choices, was spotted flaunting her ample endowment in a barely-there micro-bikini that brazenly defied the exclusive venue’s … Read more