New Pricey Spotify Premium Tier Offers Higher-Quality Tracks

Yet another streaming service is set to announce price hikes. This time, according to Phone Arena, the popular music streaming service Spotify is the culprit. On the heels of the company launching its basic ad-free tier in June, Spotify seems ready to launch its long-awaited premium Hi-Fi tier service, which will finally bring high-quality lossless audio to the … Read more

1972 Munich Olympics, marred by killing of Israeli athletes, loom over Paris Games

The 1972 Munich Olympics were viewed by their German hosts as a chance to leave the country’s history behind. Instead, the Games became notorious for terrorism after an attack on Israeli athletes by Palestinian militants that left 12 victims dead, as well as five attackers. That history now looms over the 2024 Paris Olympics, which … Read more

LeBron James and Coco Gauff Named Team USA Flagbearers at 2024 Paris Olympics

Tennis star Coco Gauff has been selected as Team USA’s female flag bearer just days before the start of the Paris Olympics, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee announced Wednesday.  She will join NBA superstar LeBron James as the American flag bearers and together, they will lead the U.S. delegation on the Seine River for the Summer Games’ … Read more

You Can Actually Use a Chromebook Offline. Here’s How

Chromebooks are often sold on their tight integration with the cloud: They’re essentially windows to the web and not much else. That comes with a variety of benefits, like never having to worry about losing an unsaved document, but it also means Chromebooks are less useful than Windows or macOS laptops when you don’t have … Read more

King Charles cashes in as Crown Estate profits surge to $1.4 billion

King Charles III in Camberley, England. Dan Kitwood | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images LONDON — Britain’s King Charles III is set for a bumper £45 million ($58 million) pay raise after profits at the sovereign’s public estate more than doubled, according to official records. Profits of The Crown Estate — a portion of … Read more

Youth Basketball Player Stomps On Opponent’s Head, Police Investigating

Play video content A 13-year-old basketball player viciously stomped on his opponent’s head in the middle of a game over the weekend … and now, the whole incident is under police investigation. It all went down during a matchup between Payton’s Place and Tumakbo United organizations at the College of Alameda in California on Sunday … Read more

Best video doorbell deal: Get a Google Nest Doorbell for its lowest price ever

SAVE $70: As of July 24, get the Google Nest Doorbell for just $109.99. That’s a 39% discount on its usual price of $179.99, and the lowest price we’ve seen. Unexpected visitors at your doorstep can make for anxiety, but it’s even scarier walking over to the door to actually see who’s there. That’s where … Read more

My Dumb Little Brain Just Got Blown After Seeing These 22 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time Last Week

1.In 2018, NASA captured an unreal-looking rectangular iceberg: 2.This is the last photograph ever taken of the Titanic: It sunk three days later. Alamy Stock Photo 3.This is what a report card from 1926 looks like: Knock off all that whispering! u/wtfimscreaming / Via 4.This camouflage, known as “dazzle camouflage,” was extremely popular during … Read more

Apple’s Sunny imagines a cozy future where screens fade into the background

Sunny, a new sci-fi dramedy on Apple TV Plus, is different from most visions of the future — mainly because it barely has any screens. Instead, the show imagines a time when technology is more seamlessly integrated into our lives. Phones rely primarily on audio, friendly robots help around the house, and computer monitors look … Read more