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Whereas the MCU’s Hank Pym could be very a lot a spouse man, his Marvel Comics counterpart has had a way more difficult romantic historical past, which started together with his first spouse. Previous to assembly Janet Van Dyne, he was married to Maria Trovaya, who was the daughter of a Hungarian geneticist and entomologist. Maria was additionally the individual that jump-started Hank’s curiosity in ants.

Throughout their honeymoon in her native Hungary, Maria was kidnapped by communists which led Pym to imagine that she was murdered alongside together with her father in a laboratory explosion. Nonetheless, because the American embassy organized Hank’s return to the States to maneuver on together with his life, Maria was truly stored alive as a prisoner of the Purple Room, the Soviet coaching facility that produced the Black Widows. She finally died and was revived by A.I.M. as MODAM (or Psychological Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers), however not earlier than giving beginning to a daughter.

Forward of the “Civil Conflict II” occasion in 2016, Nadia Pym escaped from her captors with the assistance of some Pym Particles and sought out the Avengers in order that she might reconnect together with her father. Nonetheless, as a result of he was principally useless on the time due to an altercation with Ultron, Janet took her stepdaughter beneath her wing and helped her pursue a heroic path as Nadia Van Dyne, the Unstoppable Wasp.

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