Are Aaliyah & Uche Still Together? (SPOILERS)


Uche and Aaliyah’s relationship on Love Is Blind season 5 was disrupted by Lydia’s interference, causing Aaliyah to leave without explanation. Uche and Aaliyah met up to discuss continuing their relationship, but Uche expressed hesitations, and they do not seem to have reconciled. Both Uche and Aaliyah present themselves as single on social media and are focused on living their best lives post-show.




Uche Okoroha and Aaliyah Cosby’s connection weathered a lot on Love Is Blind season 5, and there are updates about their relationship status. Uche and Aaliyah formed a strong bond in the pods over their love of spoken word poetry and creative natures. However, their bond was derailed after Uche dropped the news that he had been in a relationship with Lydia Velez Gonzalez before. Lydia befriended Aaliyah in the pods, knowing she had a love connection with Uche. Lydia began telling Aaliyah things she didn’t want to hear about her relationship with Uche, and it pushed Aaliyah over the edge.

Aaliyah left the experiment without telling Uche or giving him an explanation or way to reach her. The previous day, Aaliyah had made it seem to Uche that she could move past the Lydia drama and was ready for a future with him. After time in the pods, Uche and Aaliyah met up to talk. Aaliyah expressed her interest in continuing a relationship based on the foundation they built, and Uche expressed his hesitation. Lydia went on to get married to Milton Johnson, but not before Uche called out Lydia’s concerning behavior while they were dating. He confronted Lydia and Milton at a reunion BBQ before the wedding.

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Who Is Uche Okoroha?

Uche is a 34-year-old lawyer and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tax Robot, a software product that uses artificial intelligence to deliver tax incentives. He also offers legal counsel in tax law and financial advisory. On Instagram, Uche presents himself as a dapper traveler. He also showcases his physical fitness and love of family.

Who Is Aaliyah Cosby?

Aaliyah is a 29-year-old ICU travel nurse. According to her Instagram, she is now based in the Bay Area in California. She describes herself as a “songwriter” and a “creative.” Aaliyah loves traveling, changing up her hair, and doing musical duets.

Are Uche & Aaliyah Still Together?

Uche and Aaliyah do not seem to have reconciled after their sit-down talk. Uche appeared to shut the door on their relationship during that meeting due to Aaliyah’s displayed lack of confidence in him. They do not follow each other on Instagram, and neither follow Lydia either. Uche and Aaliyah present themselves as single on social media and showcase that they are living their best lives. In an interview with Screen Rant after Love Is Blind, Aaliyah said the hit Netflix show and experiment taught her that love is truly blind.

Source: Uche Okoroha/Instagram, Aaliyah Cosby/Instagram

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