Best Workout Mirrors for 2023

If you want a more personalized experience, the Forme Studio may be the way to go. Forme offers two different types of mirrors: Forme Studio and Forme Lift. The Studio is the original mirror that offers on-demand classes and custom workouts as well as live 1:1 personal training ($99 for first month; $399 a month afterward). The Forme Lift is the upgraded version of the Forme Studio and offers the same classes and personal training, but has motorized resistance cables (with up to 150 pounds of resistance) meant to elevate your strength training experience. The Forme Studio will run you $2,495, whereas the Forme Lift costs a whopping $5,995.

I was able to test both, but thought that the average person would find the Forme Studio more suitable for their homes. If you buy the Forme Studio, you have the option to lean it against or mount it to the wall for extra security. You will also need to make sure you have 6 by 6 feet of space, with a minimum of 7 feet from floor to ceiling to accommodate the unit. Your wall must have a 12-, 16- or 18-inch metal or wood stud spacing, poured concrete or concrete masonry units. 

There’s no denying the Forme Studio is touchscreen, but also has an app (currently only available on iOS). I found the imagery on the Forme Studio to be the best of all the smart mirrors because it’s filmed in 4K resolution, which is similar to some nicer televisions on the market. The instructor also looks life-size on the screen, which feels like they are in the room with you. This device has two front-facing cameras which comes in handy if you sign up for personal training sessions (more on this later). Forme includes camera covers for added privacy. 

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You will need Wi-Fi to use the Forme Studio. You have the option to connect your headphones, Forme Heart Rate Monitor (included in your accessories box), other compatible heart rate monitors or an Apple Smartwatch via Bluetooth. One downside is that you’ll only be able to access the built-in music on the device.  

The Forme membership will cost you $49 for the first month, then $149 per month afterward, which is a steep price to pay when the unit itself isn’t cheap. You’ll need the membership to access over 700 on-demand classes and a fitness concierge which has you fill out a survey that asks about your goals, fitness level and lifestyle, and then curates a workout plan with recommended videos on demand from Forme’s library released on a weekly basis. You can create up to six profiles with your membership. The video library gives you the option to pick from beginner, intermediate or advanced classes from workouts like barre (you can also purchase the barre attachment separately for $295), strength training, boxing, yoga, pilates, Barry’s X, dance and meditation. You can also join a program if you want to tackle a specific challenge for the month. Keep in mind some of these classes will require you to have additional equipment like dumbbells on hand. You can filter by the length of the class, type of workout, level, instructor and equipment needed. 

I tested out a few classes and for the most part the experience was similar to other smart mirrors. You can adjust your audio based on whether you want to hear more of the music or the instructor, which I like since it can help you focus. During class the mirror is not as impressive as I expected since it’s only able to count your reps. Unlike the Lululemon Studio Mirror, there isn’t a sense of camaraderie with other members if you’re looking for that group fitness feel. I would’ve thought that the Forme Studio would be able to offer form corrections or cue suggestions like the Fiture Mini, but it doesn’t.  However, what makes the Forme Studio stand out is the 1:1 Live Personal Training (something you can set up through the fitness concierge). 

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The experience is similar to doing a personal training session in person, and this is where the two front cameras are most useful. During a programmed session with your trainer, you’ll be able to view them from your screen and vice versa. The trainer has the ability to provide feedback since the cameras track your movements and your whole frame (even if you’re on the taller side). If you own the Forme Lift, the trainer can adjust the resistance on the machine remotely if they want to challenge you. Even if you’re traveling, you can access your personal training sessions via a tablet. Your trainer will still be able to view you since camera tracking works similarly on tablets. 


Dimensions: 6 ft. x 6 ft. space with a minimum of 7 ft. from floor to ceiling

Weight: 102 lbs (screen only), 125 lbs (screen with package)

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