Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

If the NPC streamer development taught us something, it is that TikTok Reside is a breeding floor for uncanny content material, and the most recent gimmick is much more unsettling.

Creators and real-life couple @JettyJamez and @Autumnraynn, who publish joint content material beneath the deal with @ohjamez, are on Day 16 of nonstop, around-the-clock streaming on TikTok Reside. If that is not sufficient to make your blood run chilly, the pair even have a DIY Huge Brother arrange the place they broadcast from 10 cameras all through their house — together with one instantly above their rest room. The livestream options all 10 angles in a grid. Viewers watch them scroll on their telephones, eat, and even sleep.


PinkyDoll and the rise of NPC streamers on TikTok Reside

TikTok Reside is a identified money-maker for creators, and a few of the stuff @JettyJamez and @Autumnraynn stream is not notably new or novel. “Sleepfluencers,” who livestream themselves sleeping or making an attempt to go to sleep, are already a longtime subculture of TikTok Reside. One such streamer, Jakey Boehm, informed Enterprise Insider that he earned $34,000 from TikTok Reside within the month of Could. However such a content material requires creators to forgo all privateness to commodify each facet of their lives.

@JettyJamez and @Autumnraynn incentivize viewers to ship items that may be transformed from diamonds, TikTok’s foreign money, to money. For instance, if gifted 500 “Coronary heart Me’s” (heart-shaped cartoon items) they promised to get off the bed.

Except for the quasi-control viewers have over the streamers and the novelty of 24/7 streaming, the content material is extraordinarily mundane, but the stream sits at round 10,000 viewers at any given second — a major feat once you take into consideration folks’s waning consideration spans. It makes you marvel why 1000’s of individuals tune in. As one X person wrote, “y’all been seeing that couple on TikTok that’s reside 24/7 it is kinda bizarre.”

Tweet could have been deleted

TikTok Lives reminds us that the dystopian way forward for opt-in surveillance is already right here.

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