CSI: Vegas Season 3 – Renewal, Release Date & Everything We Know


CSI: Vegas season 3 has finally set a release date following delays because of the Hollywood strikes. The new season will continue to focus on a mix of legacy characters and new cast members, with Marg Helgenberger’s Catherine Willows continuing to play a major role. The storylines for CSI: Vegas season 3 are yet to be revealed, but unresolved arcs such as Joshua Folsom’s murder charge and Maxine Roby’s PTSD are expected to be addressed.



CSI was arguably responsible for changing the face of crime procedural series on television, so it’s no wonder that CSI: Vegas season 3 is on the way. The CBS series revives the original CSI with a blend of new and old characters, following the familiar format of using forensic science to unravel the mysteries behind criminal cases. The original series was a huge hit for CBS, spawning several spin-offs and attracting big-name guest stars like Taylor Swift. With the revival being available to watch live on CBS and stream the next day, CSI: Vegas has also been able to attract a wide audience.

The series returns the audience to the same crime lab where the original CSI series took place. It follows the same continuity as the original series as well, and so far, has brought back original cast members William Peterson, Jorja Fox, Marg Helgenberger, Wallace Langham, and Eric Szamada. CSI: Vegas season 3 will likely continue the trend of using some of those familiar faces to solve new mysteries.

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The Latest CSI: Vegas Season 3 News

The biggest update regarding the popular crime series is that CSI: Vegas has finally set an official release date following a lengthy delay. The procedural will be back on the air on February 18th, 2024, which is months later than its originally scheduled Fall 2023 release window. The show, and many others, faced setbacks due to the WGA writer’s strike, which was then compounded by the SAG/AFTRA strike that ran concurrently. The strikes were eventually resolved, which pressed networks like CBS to expedite their fall lineup so that it could hit the air in the early months of 2024.

The WGA writer’s strike was resolved on September 27th, 2023, and the SAG/AFTRA strike was resolved on November 9th, 2023.

CSI: Vegas Season 3 Release Date


CBS has finally been able to set a release date for CSI: Vegas season 3 after months of delay, and the show will be returning on February 18th, 2024. CSI: Vegas joins a slew of CBS fall shows which were also pushed back to the winter months of early 2024, as the network scrambles to get their most popular programs back as quickly as possible after the resolution of the Hollywood strikes.

Where To Watch CSI: Vegas Season 3

CSI: Vegas season 3 will be available to watch on the same network that made the original CSI series famous – CBS. The episodes will premiere on the network before being available to stream the next day on Paramount+. The new season premieres on Sunday, February 18th, 2024, which shifts it from its usual Thursday night time slot. The full CSI franchise is available to stream on Paramount+ while fans await the premiere of CSI: Vegas season 3.

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CSI: Vegas Season 3 Cast

CSI: Vegas has been an interesting mix of legacy characters and new characters, and that could continue with the CSI: Vegas season 3 cast. Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows has really been the one to usher in the new characters and will likely continue to be a major player in CSI: Vegas season 3. One actor who recurred near the end of season 2 was Derek Webster as Dr. Milton Hudson. Hudson was brought in to replace the previous medical examiner, so it’s possible he could continue as part of the CSI: Vegas season 3 cast as a series regular.

In addition to Helgenberger and Webster, CSI: Vegas season 3 cast should include:


CSI: Vegas Role

Paula Newsome

Maxine Roby

Matt Lauria

Joshua Folsom

Mandeep Dhillon

Allie Rajan

Ariana Guerra

Detective Serena Chavez

Jay Lee

Chris Park

Lex Medlin

Beau Finado

Though Eric Szamada appeared in part of season 2, there is a possibility that he could return to the CSI: Vegas season 3 cast in a guest or recurring capacity. His storyline was left open, giving the opportunity for his character Greg to return to CSI: Vegas in the future. The same is true of most legacy characters in the show. Any character that is still alive within the show’s universe could return to the show, but no one has been confirmed for CSI: Vegas season 3.

CSI: Vegas Season 3 Story

Right now, it’s unclear what the CSI: Vegas season 3 story could be. Both the first and second seasons of the series focused on larger arcs for the season while having mysteries of the week playing out as the B-storylines. One storyline that will have to be resolved, however, is Matt Lauria’s character Joshua Folsom being charged with murder. He was arrested for being responsible for the death of one of the subjects of an investigation (with the body being found in a dumpster).

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Paula Newsome’s Maxine Roby had a big focus in season 2, but she will also have to further deal with her PTSD in CSI: Vegas season 3. The series will also need to take some time to develop Beau Finado in CSI: Vegas season 3. Finado is currently the character the audience knows the least about with most of the other main cast members having storylines in the first two seasons. It should be Finado’s turn to get the spotlight in CSI: Vegas season 3.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Release Date: 2000-10-06

Cast: William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Elisabeth Shue, Laurence Fishburne, Paul Guilfoyle

Genres: Crime, Drama

Seasons: 15

Summary: In this long-running, classic crime procedural, a team of investigators searches crime scenes to collect forensic evidence, analyze it, and use it to catch the criminal of the week.

Story By: Anthony E. Zuiker

Writers: Anthony E. Zuiker

Network: CBS

Streaming Service: Hulu, Paramount+, Prime Video

Directors: Richard J. Lewis

Showrunner: Anthony E. Zuiker

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