Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

You sneaky, sneaky man, Cam Heyward. His veteran standing doesn’t simply get him a graying beard. Over time, he’s realized the methods of the commerce and if you happen to watch intently, you’ll see them on tape. Whereas he’s rightfully lauded for his highly effective bull rush and fanatical effort, each issues on show in Sunday’s loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, so was one thing else.

We’ve famous it earlier than however Heyward is the king of stunts. And he will get a bit of grabby to get the job accomplished. Twice in Sunday’s sport, Heyward used that veteran craftiness to unlock Alex Highsmith twice within the sport.

What Heyward has mastered is the delicate artwork of the defensive maintain. Because the crasher on stunts with the ROLB/RDE serving because the looper into the A niche, Heyward will slyly seize and maintain the LG so he can’t slide down and decide up the looper. In essence, Heyward occupies each blockers and leaves his EDGE pal with a free path to the quarterback.

Let’s check out what I’m speaking about. On Highsmith’s half-sack, he and Heyward are working a T/E stunt. Heyward is the crasher and first to “go” on the stunt, crashing into the B hole between LT and LG. For the o-line, the guard is meant to move off the crasher – Heyward – to the left sort out whereas taking the looper, Highsmith. However Heyward makes use of his left/inside arm to seize the center of the LG’s jersey and prevents him from having the ability to tackle Highsmith.

With the middle sliding away, Highsmith has a free path to Joe Burrow and he and T.J. Watt mix to take him down. Watch the entire play. I’ve slowed it down so you possibly can see what Heyward does.

Identical factor later within the sport. Equivalent stunt. And Heyward once more grabs the LG to forestall him from sliding to the looping Highsmith. Right here’s a snapshot of it.

And right here’s the entire play. Highsmith is once more free and barrels down on Burrow, forcing the throw that falls incomplete and permits the Steelers’ protection to get off the sphere.

Is that this a maintain? You wager. Is it going to get referred to as? In all probability not. Heyward does an incredible job of creating it delicate. Palms inside, not an exaggerated pull and with the referee now behind the offensive line as a substitute of dealing with his previous place of being behind the linebackers, he has a a lot harder time seeing the holding motion.

By the second time he did it, the LG, rookie Cordell Volson, was fairly upset, throwing his fingers up into the air. However if you’re a rookie dealing with a veteran like Heyward who is aware of what he can get away with, it’s extremely unlikely there’s going to be a flag. And if you’re a vet like Heyward, who has accomplished this earlier than, you recognize all of the small issues to realize an edge for you and your teammates. He’s accomplished with the identical with Bud Dupree and know he’s doing it with Highsmith.

And if you happen to’re offended at me for pointing this out, know I’m not the one one. And you may wager that’s what Volson was telling his coaches – who will most likely finally alert the refs – after wanting just like the dangerous man on these performs. I’m positive the particular person happiest to not see Cam Heyward once more is Cordell Volson, who didn’t fare properly in his two video games in opposition to Heyward this 12 months.

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