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“Star Trek” and “Star Wars” primary distinction could also be of their respective approaches to expertise. “Star Trek” has largely endeavored to clarify how their fantastical expertise works, giving ships and machines a tactile high quality; a Trekkie can think about the right way to function an L-CARS pc panel or alter the Enterprise’s shields. There’s a sensible component to Trek tech. On “Star Wars,” a ship works as a result of it really works. Whereas there could also be in depth technical manuals and expanded universe lore that explains the best way a Star Destroyer works, it is extra vital as a setting. A deep-cut Starwoid would possibly be capable of inform all concerning the qualities of kyber crystals, however none of that’s as vital because the dramatic affect of seeing an area wizard wield a laser sword. 

When it got here to the real-world inspirations for “Star Wars,” Lucas was blunt, saying that he most popular a dramatic, historic, or literary strategy. Know-how was incidental. He even admitted to not paying loads of consideration at school. Lucas stated:

“I am not a lot of a math and science man. I spent most of my time at school daydreaming and managed to show it right into a dwelling. Once I was making ‘Star Wars,’ I wasn’t restrained by any type of science. I merely stated, ‘I will create a world that is enjoyable and fascinating, is sensible, and appears to have a actuality to it.’ And loads of it got here from our literary historical past, our social historical past, like robots and whatnot. A part of it is primarily based on mythological motifs, the politics are primarily based on historical past. There’s loads of cultural actuality to it that is not essentially scientific however is extra social.”

The way in which the characters relate issues greater than how their landspeeders operate.

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