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Horror crossovers have been completed earlier than, and a few have emerged as masterful strokes of genius from the filmmaker gods. Nonetheless, this text just isn’t about that. As a substitute, consider two horror tales that haven’t any enterprise being collectively and even in the identical world. How would that crossover look?

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015) pitted two reptiles in opposition to one another, each of which have been of monumental dimension and had followers taking sides on which one would win, the snake or its crocodile-like foe. Alien vs. Predator (2004) introduced otherworldly creatures collectively to battle it out between them. Freddy vs. Jason (2003) was what slasher stans had been ready for, it as a result of these two guys knew the right way to frighten viewers out of their socks.

See the theme there? In every of those motion pictures, it was the same beast that may moderately be matched up in the identical method Dana White matches up opponents within the UFC. That they had a purpose to be in these motion pictures collectively.

Nonetheless, a current Reddit thread challenged followers to consider horror mismatches. The consequence would possibly result in a comedy/horror however the weirder the higher. And go!

With the success of M3GAN contemporary in everybody’s thoughts, it’s solely proper that she pops up first, except Scream VI has one thing to say about it.

Hellraiser and Noticed simply qualify as an unequal match since one has demonic powers whereas Jigsaw is merely human, armed with a really twisted thoughts and a genius for torture.

Somebody had the thought of the famed horror clown in opposition to the demonic one, the favourite of Leviathan himself.

And now the comedy involves city. When you concentrate on it, these two properties even have a good quantity in frequent.

Then, a fan brings it again to a extra severe take. Academics contaminated by alien parasites up in opposition to Buffalo Invoice. In the event that they couldn’t win in opposition to the children, how are they going to win in opposition to, “It rubs the lotion on its pores and skin or else it will get the hose once more.”

This one positively matches with the lot of bizarre solutions. A murderous midget versus a serial killer who can catch the quickest runner even supposing he walks actually gradual.

This one poses an excellent query:

Which is:

There are such a lot of nice horror movies that don’t belong collectively. Possibly it’s time Hollywood takes a severe have a look at that and makes it occur.

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