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A sequel film to 2007’s I Am Legend was introduced final yr and set to star Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan. Now, author Akiva Goldsman has revealed a few of what to anticipate from the movie, in addition to what different zombie-like properties the movie will pull inspiration from.

Talking to Deadline, Goldsman — who wrote and produced the unique movie as effectively — confirmed that I Am Legend 2 will happen “a couple of many years” after the primary one. Goldsman additionally pointed to a different not-quite-zombie property, The Final of Us, because the inspiration behind that call.

“This can begin a couple of many years later than the primary,” he stated. “I’m obsessive about The Final of Us, the place we see the world simply post-apocalypse but additionally after a 20-30-year lapse. You see how the earth reclaims the world, and there’s one thing lovely within the query of, as man steps away from being the first tenant, what occurs? That can be particularly visible in New York. I don’t know in the event that they’ll climb as much as the empire state constructing, however the potentialities are countless.”

Goldsman additionally touched on how the sequel will even star Smith within the first place. Within the unique movie, Smith’s Robert Neville dies, sacrificing himself and killing one of many leaders of the “Darkseekers” with a view to make sure that the potential of a remedy is handed off. Nevertheless, an alternate ending of the movie was additionally made to be extra in step with the unique Richard Matheson novel.

On this ending, Neville realizes that the Darkseekers are merely attempting to get better the mate of the alpha Darkseeker, and after returning it, the battle ends. Neville then realizes that he has change into a monster within the eyes of the contaminated, and abandons his analysis, as a substitute shifting on to discover a survivor’s colony. Based on Goldsman, this ending can be acknowledged as canon, with the sequel exploring man as struggles with not being the dominant species on this planet any longer.

“We hint again to the unique Matheson e book, and the alternate ending versus the launched ending within the unique movie. What Matheson was speaking about was that man’s time on the planet because the dominant species had come to an finish. That’s a extremely attention-grabbing factor we’re going to get to discover. There can be a bit extra constancy to the unique textual content.”

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