Kate Middleton can ‘never steal’ Prince William’s thunder

Kate Middleton can ‘never steal’ Prince William’s thunder

Experts have just gushed over Prince William because not even Kate Middleton can steal that man’s thunder, during events.

Insights into this have been brought to light by royal commentator Amanda Platell.

She weighed in on things, in one of her pieces for The Daily Mail.

In the piece she gushed over Prince William’s appearance at New York and said, “Holy moly, Prince William rocks up solo in New York wearing a cotton shirt unbuttoned just enough to hint at a muscular chest.”

For those unversed, Prince William’s appearance at the Big Apple was for a Earthshot Prize event.

At the same time, Kate Middleton was at an event herself for the East London youth charity.

Kate Middleton at the East London youth charity

But Ms Platell believes, nothing she did could “steal her husband’s thunder.”

Something similar happened when Prince William’s picture, taking a covid-19 jab made headlines.

Prince William in May 2021

According to Ms Platell, Prince William went from “gormless to gorgeous” in May 2021.

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