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The Kardashians are back!

Season four the Hulu reality series premiered on Thursday (September 28), and in the episode, viewers saw a new feud heating up between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

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In a confessional, Kim, 42, explained that she and Kourtney, 44, had finally made amends after their feud over Dolce & Gabbana, but when they started reviewing the episodes from last season, it brought up a lot of animosity.

As the Kardashian-Jenner family prepares to go on a family trip to Cabo, Kourtney makes it clear that she is not going. The show then shares footage from a very heated conversation between Kourtney and Kim.

The conversation starts off civil, with Kim inviting Kourtney to attend a Dolce & Gabbana event with her in Italy, which Kourtney declines.

“Thank you, I’m a little Dolce’d out,” Kourtney says. “I’m always supporting you. I just don’t think it’s cool the way that particular thing happened.”

Kourtney goes on to say that situation makes her not want to be around the family, and things go south when Kim starts to tell her that the ’90s-inspired vintage looks are “not that original.”

“You’re talking about the bulls–t details because it’s all your egotistical, selfish mind can think about it,” Kourtney says to Kim. “You cannot stand someone else being the center of attention. You came to my wedding. You couldn’t be happy. You complained from the second you got there till the second you left.”

“That’s what it’s about. Forget about you couldn’t be happy,” Kourtney continues. “You couldn’t be happy for me. You couldn’t be happy that I was the center of attention and you weren’t.”

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Kim appears shocked at the accusation, and fires back, “All of this never happened. I was so happy for you!”

While breaking down in tears, Kourtney says, “I don’t need you guys anymore. I don’t need to be a part of it.”

Kim then tells Kourtney that many of her sister’s friends have been coming to her with concerns about Kourtney, with Kim even telling Kourtney there is a group chat titled “Not Kourtney,” to “figure out why you’re such a different person.”

Kourtney calls Kim a “narcissist” and tells her to take out her whole side of the episode, claiming, “I don’t give a f–k what anyone thinks about me.”

“I have a happy life and the happiness comes when I get the f–k away from you guys,” Kourtney says to Kim. “Specifically you.”

Kim then claims that Kourtney‘s kids have been coming to her with concerns about their mom.

“Your kids have even come to me with problems that they have, and they’re concerned, so…” Kim begins.

“Is that helpful?” Kourtney cuts in, through tears. “You’re, like, adding it into a fight to have a side. It’s you and my friends and my kids and everyone against me. It’s like you’re just a f–king witch and I hate you.”

Despite being clearly at odds, the sisters decided to sit down for a joint confessional in order to hash out their problems.

Kourtney believes that her family often says mean things just to hurt one another.

“It’s where I work hard at in therapy to change and when I’m reminded to those types of things, it really is hurtful,” Kourtney says. “Why would my family treat me that way?”

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Kourtney went on to note that the way their lives play out in the edit and then on TV is “unnatural,” adding that if they weren’t on TV, none of the family drama would have gone on for this long.

Kourtney just had a very scary situation involving her unborn baby.

New episodes of The Kardashians are released on Thursdays at midnight ET on Hulu.

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