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A debate round Thor‘s hammer Mjölnir has left Redditors befuddled as they retread outdated floor within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The controversy started with a Reddit publish questioning precisely how the MCU model of Mjölnir works and the way it chooses who among the many heroes is worthy. Eager Reddit customers have analyzed the scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron the place the Avengers take turns trying to choose up Mjölnir they usually all fail, effectively all aside from the tiny motion made by Steve Rogers. 

However now, followers have been asking why Steve Rogers might transfer the hammer, however Tony Stark couldn’t. In spite of everything, he was keen to sacrifice himself in The Avengers, taking out the rest of the Chitauri with the bomb in New York. Absolutely, the Avenger that saved the world greater than as soon as could be worthy of wielding the ability of Thor.

Nicely, one fan appears to suppose that Odin is guilty, commenting “I believe that when Odin positioned that spell on Mjolnir, the spell was imprinted with what Odin thought-about worthy or not.” Odin will need to have fairly excessive requirements if he doesn’t suppose that Tony was worthy on the time of the second Avengers movie.

One other fan disagrees with the consensus that Stark would have been worthy of the hammer, commenting “His ego stopped him being worthy. It additionally precipitated Ultron so 🤷🏻‍♂️.” This does make sense, as Ultron was spawned from the unfavorable features of Tony’s persona, so perhaps there was nonetheless a way of selfishness in him. 

They then debated whether or not Mjölnir’s motivations had modified as soon as Thor tasked the hammer with defending Jane Foster, or if she was certainly worthy of it, not like Tony Stark. One person wrote “Jane was unfit. Mjolnir was merely following Thor’s command to guard her (Thor, talking with the ability of the Odinforce now that Odin himself is useless).” You must marvel if Thor will use his newfound powers to infuse the Avengers with some thunderous talents.

After all, the true cause the enchantment of the hammer could be complicated is that just about each MCU entry, Thor and his hammer have appeared in has been written and directed by totally different individuals. Despite the fact that Kevin Feige runs a good ship and has artistic strings all all through the MCU, Thor was one of many first movies within the franchise. So that individual aspect of the MCU’s historical past could possibly be one of many messier ones. 

Who do you suppose ought to have been worthy of lifting Mjölnir? You may watch all the MCU on Disney Plus.

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