Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Raffi, beforehand defined to be one in every of Picard’s nearer confidants has now been relegated to a supporting position, current to facilitate the introduction of Worf (Michael Dorn) into the story. Within the first episode, Raffi was a undercover agent who took orders from an unseen higher-up someplace in Starfleet Intelligence. She strays from her handler’s order to research the above-mentioned Ferengi, and has to take a success of the medication she was as soon as hooked on to be able to show herself. Thus compromised, will probably be as much as Raffi’s handler to rescue her. Raffi’s handler is Worf, now gray and distinguished, and nonetheless lethal with a blade. 

In earlier episodes, it was dismaying to see what number of murders occurred by the hands of characters had been beforehand not killers. Seven of 9 (Jeri Ryan) killed many as a bounty hunter within the present’s first season, and Dr. Crusher machine-gunned infiltrators only one episode in the past. Worf, nonetheless, is a special matter. Beforehand a safety officer, in addition to a Klingon warrior eager on fight, it makes dramatic sense that Worf could be ready to dispatch criminals in a pinch. He, like the opposite characters, has turn out to be an older skilled, eager to help the following technology. 

Worf, being a part of Raffi’s story, has not but had any contact with Picard or Riker, and Dr. Crusher did not lock eyes with Picard on the very finish of this episode. The present’s restraint is admirable, because it appears keen to inform a narrative, slightly than rush headlong into nostalgia. One can hope that your complete solid of “Star Trek: The Subsequent Era” does not reunite correctly till late within the season. The gradual meting out of nostalgia is appreciated. 

This season solely continues to enhance. 

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