Rachel Recchia Pulls Off Pink Business Look In New IG Post

Rachel Recchia will soon appear on the upcoming season of “Bachelor In Paradise”, which airs later this month on ABC, but in the meantime, she is showing off her businesswoman look in a sleek pink outfit.

‘No Business Here’

Instagram | Rachel Recchia

The 27-year-old is proving she is pretty in pink as she says there is “no business here” in her sleek pink attire. Her mirror selfie grabbed the attention of her Instagram followers as they flooded the comments section by saying things such as “no way this is giving everything amazing all at once” and “SEXY AND IN CHARGE 😍💯”.

Another fan wrote, “love the all pink look!!! 🩷” as one of her followers expressed, “Okay queeen”.

Many other users commented things along the lines of “Hi Barbie 😍” and “This outfit on you was everrryyyyything”.

The blonde bombshell paired the pink bell-bottom pants with platform beige heels, giving her some height in her mirror selfie.

“Jaw on the floor,” one of her fans commented while another chimed in “youre so gorgeous 💗✨”.

Rachel Recchia Gets Confident In Her Own Skin

Instagram | Rachel Recchia

Former “Bachelorette” lead Rachel Recchia decided to undergo breast reduction surgery a few months ago, and she has never felt better. After the procedure, Recchia opened up in an essay, telling the world why she decided to undergo the surgery.

“One day, I had a flat chest. Then, I woke up, and my boobs were bigger than everyone else’s. For me, the word that I can use to describe having large breasts is … uncomfortable. From the start, I could tell my triple Ds weren’t fitting my frame or lifestyle, and it never got better,” she explained.

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“My chest was never something I wanted to show off. As a teenager, I didn’t want to be sexualized more than I already was. Then, as I got my degree in aviation and entered a male-dominated field, I felt I had to cover up,” she continued. “Then there was the physical pain of having large breasts on a small frame. I wanted to fly high as a cheerleader but struggled with back pain. Not to mention the inconvenience of wearing three sports bras when everyone else was wearing one.”

Recchia then opened up about her time on “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” explaining how finding a dress was a huge challenge and made her uncomfortable. “My discomfort came to a head when I was the star of a reality TV show and couldn’t find a dress to wear. Or I could, but it wasn’t the dress I wanted to wear,” she said. “When you’re dating 32 guys simultaneously, self-confidence is a must … and sometimes it felt hard to shine while wearing clothes that decidedly weren’t me. Stylist Cary Fetman and I joked that I was giving ‘mother of the bride’ during the rose ceremonies in my high-neck gowns. He’s great and patient, helping me feel the best I could.”

However, when the episodes aired, Bachelor Nation commented on Recchia’s fashion choices, which affected the “Bachelorette” lead. “When the episodes played back, and people made the same jokes online, it didn’t seem so funny anymore,” she said.

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