Scorsese Uses ‘Short-Hand’ with De Niro, ‘Long-Hand’ with DiCaprio

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CBS Sunday Morning

Martin Scorsese’s two golden boys are finally coming together on the big screen — but it sounds like he can communicate a little easier with one versus the other … guess who.

Leonardo DiCaprio revealed the on-set dynamic between the iconic director and his longtime collaborator in Robert De Niro — who’s stars opposite Leo in their new flick, ‘Killers of the Flower Moon,’ the first time they’ll have acted in a Scorsese flick together.

It’s a big deal seeing how Marty has used both dudes in a number of his films — back in the 20th century … Bob was MS’s leading man. Post-2000, LDC took up that mantle.

But in terms of who Scorsese appears to connect with more … Leo says there’s no question, it’s De Niro. Watch how he described their chats during a sit-down with CBS Sunday Morning … he says they almost have their own secret language, with nods and gestures.

He says it’s almost like a short-hand they have with each other — whereas Leo says him and Marty have very long, drawn-out talks … so yeah, Bob and Marty’s connection is unmatched.

The master himself confirmed Leo’s account … saying he does, in fact, have “long-hand” with the younger actor. It makes sense when you think about — fact is, Marty and Bob have known each other dating back to childhood … so they’re thick as thieves and then some.

It’ll be fascinating to see them act alongside each other when the film drops next week. De Niro’s obviously a lot older now — and Leo’s no spring chicken either. Still, they look to be in peak form when it comes to their chops … and the reviews for this one are stellar.

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Now the question … who’s the better actor historically??? Kidding, we ain’t going there. 😅

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