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Heading into the one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary of the Large Sport, this set up of Stanford Movie Examine will spotlight a number of the commonest play ideas that each Stanford (3-7, 1-7 Pac-12) and Cal (3-7, 1-6 Pac-12) have utilized this season. This text will analyze two performs from every group: one run play and one move play.

Swap idea

The swap idea is a two-man route mixture meant to get a pure rub on one of many defenders. It’s particularly efficient towards man protection. The surface receiver will attempt to get inside leverage whereas the within receiver will try to get outdoors leverage. The within receiver will run a wheel route on the sideline whereas the skin receiver runs a put up route. 

Under is a diagram of Stanford operating a swap idea towards UCLA just a few weeks in the past. Though the rub is profitable, and senior receiver Elijah Higgins is ready to get open, the defender in protection is ready to jar the ball free from Higgins’ palms and pressure a fourth down.


Duo is an inside gap-scheme run that’s generally run in any respect ranges of soccer. The offensive line makes an attempt to dam away from the operating again’s aiming level, whereas an offensive deal with is normally current to kick out an edge defender. Duo is commonly confused with inside zone, as each look similar to one another. The distinction, nevertheless, is that the operating again’s aiming level is in the identical path because the offensive line’s motion in inside zone, whereas it’s the alternative in duo.

Under is a diagram of the Cardinal operating duo towards Utah this previous weekend. Whereas the play is designed to open a crease within the B hole, miscommunication on the left facet of the offensive line coupled with a blitz from the protection causes the play to fail.

Double Slant

Cal’s west coast offense makes use of a whole lot of fast sport passing ideas, just like Stanford earlier than the slow-mesh run-pass choice took over this season. The double slant is without doubt one of the key patterns that Cal runs to beat man and canopy 2 zone protection. In zone protection, double slant makes an attempt to assault the curl-flat defender and put him in a bind. If he floats out to cowl the skin slant route, the quarterback will throw to the within slant. In the meantime, if he drifts inside, the quarterback will throw to the skin slant.

On the opposite facet of the formation, the Golden Bears will normally tag the double slant with the Dragon idea, one other fast sport idea designed to beat Cowl 3.

Under is a diagram of Cal operating the idea towards Oregon State earlier this yr. Regardless that the within linebacker fakes the move rush and falls again into his vertical seam drop, quarterback Jack Plummer nonetheless has a window to suit the ball into his receiver on the within slant.

Lead Draw

To get star operating again Jadynn Ott the ball on carries, Cal employs the lead draw run idea in plenty of their run packages. The lead draw play makes an attempt to make linebackers much less aggressive on the level of assault by delaying the handoff, making it appears as if the quarterback will move the ball. This provides time for the offensive line to work their approach as much as linebackers on the second stage. Oftentimes, the lead draw will make the most of double groups on the tackles, however generally the middle or guards instantly work their approach as much as the linebackers.

Under is a diagram of the Golden Bears utilizing lead draw towards USC two weeks in the past. Ott is ready to rating a landing on this play due to the middle and left guard’s blocks on the linebackers. 

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