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We regularly hear so much about how lack of sleep impacts our bodily and psychological well being, however oversleeping may result in well being points. Based on current statistics from SingleCare, greater than 50 million adults within the US have a sleep problem — whether or not undersleeping or oversleeping. The common grownup wants wherever from seven to 9 hours of sleep every night time, so persistently getting something below or over that may put you prone to growing persistent well being issues. 

Listed below are frequent culprits of oversleeping and how one can get your sleeping habits again on observe. For extra recommendation on getting higher relaxation, listed here are the most effective meals for higher sleep and the way GABA dietary supplements may be various to melatonin. 

Widespread causes of extreme sleep and fatigue

When you’ve requested your self, “Why am I sleeping a lot?” know there are a number of causes for extreme sleeping. It may very well be as a result of stress, weight loss program, jet lag or another excuse fully. Right here we’ll talk about why you would possibly sleep all day and find out how to fight it.

Sleep problem 

Sleep issues like insomnia, sleep apnea and stressed leg syndrome are frequent causes for sleepless nights. When you do not get sufficient relaxation through the night time, you would possibly need to take a nap or attempt to make up for it with extra hours of sleep through the day. With insomnia, you may expertise bouts of an incapability to sleep correctly, which might generally be handled with issues like prescriptions or cognitive behavioral remedy. 

Sleep apnea is a respiratory situation that may interrupt sleep, usually handled by numerous respiratory apparatuses like a CPAP machine. Stressed leg syndrome is strictly what it appears like and might make it exhausting to sleep soundly as a result of you have to transfer your legs. This, too, may be handled with prescription medicines out of your physician.

Jet lag 

Jet lag throws your circadian rhythm out of whack. This occurs once you journey throughout time zones or have a every day routine that does not coincide together with your pure sleep-wake cycle. When you’ve ever flown from the US to Europe, you in all probability needed to take a couple of days to return to your regular sleep schedule. 

Throughout this era of jet lag, you would possibly discover it exhausting to go to sleep and expertise different intervals of sleeping within the daytime. Ideally, for those who can plan your journey for a day or two earlier than it’s important to return to work, it could possibly make it easier to iron out your schedule, however your finest wager is to power your self to remain awake by means of the day and go to mattress at night time.

Anxiousness or stress

Based on Harvard Well being, stress and nervousness have been linked to poor sleep. Typically, people who find themselves anxious or stressed could have issue falling asleep and staying asleep. Due to this disruption to a gentle sleep schedule, these individuals may even sometimes discover themselves sleeping an excessive amount of as their physique tries to make up for the misplaced sleep. 

There are a couple of methods to enhance sleep if nervousness and stress are the problems, primarily by bettering your sleep hygiene. Which means setting your self up for achievement at bedtime by creating best sleep situations — a darkish bed room with a snug temperature and no screens. It might additionally assist to train earlier within the day to put on you out extra and keep away from stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, and sure meals.


Whereas you might have been informed that consuming turkey on Thanksgiving makes you drained, due to the tryptophan, it is in all probability in your head. Whereas tryptophan could make you sleepy, the tryptophan in turkey does not work that method due to the amino acids concerned. 

That does not imply there is not nonetheless a hyperlink between meals and sleep, nevertheless: It is doable to expertise extra sleepiness after consuming giant quantities of carbohydrates or protein, as these take some time for the physique to digest, and that work makes your system drained. You may additionally really feel further drained after you eat a big meal for the same cause. As an alternative, eat smaller meals (not too near bedtime) and do not overeat problematic meals like sugar or pasta.

Medical situations 

A number of medical situations can have an effect on sleep, together with despair, coronary heart illness, and a few cancers. Analysis has linked some sicknesses to sleep as a result of they have an effect on your mind. A disruption in mind perform can manifest in both an absence of sleep or an excessive amount of sleep, relying on how your medical situation impacts you. Whereas it may be tough to pinpoint why you are sleeping an excessive amount of, if it persists and you may’t work out a trigger, it may very well be certainly one of these extra critical issues. If that is the case, seeing your physician to debate what could also be taking place is essential.


Loads of medicines can truly make you drained (similar to some could cause insomnia). These that may tire you embrace antihistamines, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, proton-pump inhibitors and beta blockers. Whereas a few of these medicines are useful of their capability to induce sleep — like a muscle relaxer or antidepressant — others can disrupt your sleep schedule to the purpose of turning into a bigger drawback. When you’re at present taking a medicine that is interfering together with your sleep and making you sleep an excessive amount of, talk about it together with your physician to see if there may be a unique remedy to take.

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Usually, once you damage your self — for those who break a bone or pull a muscle, for instance — you would possibly really feel further drained. It is a good factor, although. Your physique has to do a whole lot of exhausting work to heal, which might make you drained. This will likely even be exacerbated by painkillers you may be taking, which regularly may even induce sleep. On the flip facet, there are occasions when an damage disrupts your sleep due to the ache. There aren’t some ways to work by means of that aside from ensuring your mattress is about up comfortably and having your physician define a ache routine that may make it easier to relaxation at night time.

The mistaken mattress or pillows 

Your mattress has so much to do with the way you sleep at night time, and it is essential to discover a mattress suited to your sleeper kind. Individuals who sleep on their backs want a unique mattress and pillow setup from those that sleep on their stomachs or sides. 

Pillows and mattresses have completely different firmness ranges, which it’s best to select based mostly in your most popular sleep positions. When you’re a abdomen sleeper and have a agency pillow, chances are you’ll stay awake effectively due to the ache. Step one towards getting your setup proper is understanding which sort of sleeper you might be and setting your mattress up accordingly.

Consuming extreme alcohol or caffeine

You already know caffeine can wreak havoc in your sleep as a result of it is a stimulant. When you have caffeine too late within the day, chances are you’ll not have the ability to sleep effectively. Which means you would possibly get up groggy and have extra caffeine, placing your self on an infinite cycle of tiredness that may result in a crash of oversleeping. Alcohol, however, would possibly make you go to sleep simply, however you probably will not sleep effectively (and doubtless will not get up feeling nice). This disrupted sleep may imply you may sleep an excessive amount of later to make up for it. To keep away from both of those points, restrict your caffeine and alcohol consumption, particularly late within the day.

Sleep atmosphere

Even for those who’re somebody who thinks they’ll sleep wherever, probably, it will not be high quality sleep. When you’re sleeping in a poor sleep atmosphere, you would possibly get dangerous high quality sleep, which can imply making up for it later and feeling fatigued till you do. A very good sleep atmosphere is a calming darkish room with a snug temperature and no screens. You would possibly sleep soundly for those who use a diffuser with lavender important oil or a white noise machine.

The data contained on this article is for instructional and informational functions solely and isn’t meant as well being or medical recommendation. At all times seek the advice of a doctor or different certified well being supplier relating to any questions you might have a few medical situation or well being aims.

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