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Sydney Sweeney’s rumored function in Sony’s Madame Internet would possibly portend unhealthy issues for the MCU’s future. Madame Internet is likely one of the upcoming movies arising in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe that began with Venom. Whereas the SSU is at present lacking their eponymous hero, because of Sony’s deal presumably conserving Tom Holland’s Spider-Man within the MCU, that doesn’t imply it should keep that manner perpetually. After Spider-Man: No Manner Dwelling introduced again Andrew Garfield, there’s hope that he can get the second shot he rightfully deserves. If they will make it work, he’d be the proper uniting determine for the wayward and complicated franchise.


Madame Internet is the proper instance of the surprisingly daring decisions Sony is making in constructing their very own franchise. Whereas it got here as a shock {that a} supporting Spider-Man character can be getting her personal film, Madame Internet’s solid is intriguingly attractive, and given the potential storyline, the movie would possibly simply be what the SSU wants. Dakota Johnson stars because the titular clairvoyant, and he or she is joined by Emma Roberts, Adam Scott, and Sydney Sweeney. The Euphoria star is turning into extra of a family identify, and her function could also be pivotal to the franchise at giant, however extra apparently, even the MCU might really feel affected by Sweeney’s character.

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Sydney Sweeney Might Be Taking part in Spider-Girl In Madame Internet

In Madame Internet, Johnson might be enjoying Cassandra Webb, a blind clairvoyant whose powers permit her to see inside what’s being known as the “spider world.” Logically, Johnson might be an necessary uniting character for the disparate SSU as Madame Internet, however Sydney Sweeney’s character is definitely extra pivotal general. She might be enjoying Julia Carpenter, who not solely turns into Webb’s successor however can be the second Spider-Girl, in Madame Internet. There have been a number of totally different iterations of Spider-Girl all through the comics, beginning out with Jessica Drew, debuting in 1977, after which adopted by Julia Carpenter in 1984. Others embody Mattie Franklin, Gwen Stacy, and Ashley Barton.

It’s fascinating that Sony is leaping proper to Carpenter’s Spider-Girl, however given her connection to Madame Internet and Spider-Man, it is smart. Whereas Spider-Man makes use of bodily webbing, this Spider-Girl really makes use of psychic vitality to create her webs. As well as, after she turns into the second Madame Internet, she beneficial properties Webb’s powers of clairvoyance and telepathy at the price of her eyesight. Total, Carpenter undoubtedly is smart as a personality in Madame Internet and the SSU at giant, however she’s additionally fascinating to think about, given Spider-Man’s multiverse connection. She really debuted in Secret Wars and will’ve been introduced into the MCU as a part of Avengers: Secret Wars if not for Sony’s dealings.

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Wants Spider-Girl To Even Remotely Succeed

To date, the SSU has been unusual and disjointed. Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage had been enjoyable in their very own proper, and there’s lots to understand in them. Nonetheless, Morbius completely confused the model. Up subsequent is Kraven the Hunter, and as certainly one of Spider-Man’s best adversaries, he is smart in these contexts. Nonetheless, after that, they’ve made some bizarre selections like El Muerto and Hypno Hustler, each about characters subsequent to no identify recognition. Spider-Girl’s inclusion in Madame Internet might be the uniting drive the SSU wants, particularly for the reason that MCU is conserving Tom Holland for Spider-Man 4 and past, presumably.

Frankly, their strategy to a villain-centric franchise hasn’t labored. Not solely do they want villains for audiences to rally behind – and Morbius actually isn’t that – however in addition they want sturdy opposing forces to play with. A personality like Spider-Girl can present that. In reality, this might be organising Sweeney’s Julia Carpenter as one of many huge stars of the franchise with Tom Hardy’s Venom and whoever will play Silk in her upcoming SSU television present, Silk: Spider Society. They’ll deliver collectively the assorted disparate storylines and assist heart on an overarching narrative.

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What About Spider-Girl In The MCU?

Sweeney’s casting as Julia Carpenter would possibly imply that Jessica Drew’s Spider-Girl continues to be accessible for the MCU. There’s actually a spot for her, particularly given her integral connection to the Secret Invasion comics arc. But, it’s not as simple as simply introducing her like every other Marvel character. In truth, a concept for Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion character means that the present might be drawing from Spider-Girl’s historical past for another person. Because of the dealings with Sony over rights, Jessica Drew’s future within the MCU isn’t sure, even when she’s accessible to make use of and would slot in higher with that franchise over the SSU.

Sony wouldn’t need to quit any extra of their key characters after giving Spider-Man to the MCU. Aptly, Jessica Drew will seem in Spider-Man: Throughout the Spider-Verse, voiced by Issa Rae. That function is supposedly set to broaden for an additional team-up with Spider-Gwen and Silk. In live-action, there have been additionally talks for a Spider-Girl movie, presumably directed by Olivia Wilde, which might, in fact, be the nail within the coffin for her MCU probabilities. Whereas it might be nice to see her combating alongside Captain Marvel or Hawkeye, sadly, it won’t come to move even when Spider-Man: No Manner Dwelling arrange Spider-Girl’s introduction.

This May Spell Unhealthy Issues For Some MCU Followers

Jessica Drew isn’t the one Sony character whose MCU prospects could also be dwindling primarily based on their plans for the SSU. Frankly, Sony can’t afford to eliminate its hottest, highly effective, and prolific characters if it hopes for the SSU to succeed. Whereas her finest dwelling is really within the MCU, Jessica Drew can nonetheless simply be built-in as a part of the SSU. The one main character additionally affected is the one who followers have been determined to see within the MCU since Spider-Man: Homecoming considerably teased him – Miles Morales – however he might share Spider-Girl’s destiny.

Because the lead of the Spider-Verse sequence, and one of the beloved Marvel heroes these days, Sony can be silly to present Miles up. Many are hoping Avengers: Secret Wars can introduce Miles Morales as within the comics, after which he can crew up with Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4 and past. Nonetheless, Sony might as an alternative determine to maintain Miles for themselves and use him as their Spider-Man within the SSU, making certain the franchise really lives as much as its identify and that it might compete on the field workplace. Using Spider-Girl in Madame Internet could appear harmless, however it could block iconic heroes from becoming a member of the MCU.

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