Slerf Shows the Crypto Crowd’s Standards Are Lower Than Ever

While multi-billion dollar disasters like FTX would lead a reasonable person to believe that the cryptocurrency industry is dead or dying, the unfortunate truth is that it’s doing just fine. Not only has Bitcoin’s market price been on a familiar rollercoaster ride lately, but droves of crypto believers have, in recent weeks, proven themselves willing … Read more

Crypto Bros Raise $650,000 to Put DogWifHat Meme on Vegas Sphere

Something tells me this could cause some traffic jams.Screenshot: DogWifHat There will come a time when a giant meme of a Shiba Inu puppy with a hat will take over the Las Vegas Sphere. All it took was hundreds of thousands of dollars and a hoard of fans. Why is the Dancing Baby an NFT? … Read more

Binance’s Top Crypto Crime Investigator Is Being Detained in Nigeria

In his years as a US federal agent, Tigran Gambaryan helped to lead landmark investigations that took down cryptocurrency thieves and money launderers, dark-web drug dealers, and even crypto-funded child exploitation networks. Now, in his post-government role at the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, he has become the target himself of a very different sort of federal … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) tops $71000 as UK FCA opens door to crypto ETNs

Chesnot | Getty Images News | Getty Images Bitcoin prices rallied on Monday to hit a fresh record high above $71,000, after the British financial watchdog said it would allow institutions to file applications for cryptocurrency-linked exchange-traded products for the first time. The Financial Conduct Authority said in a notice Monday that it would not … Read more

Sanctioned and terrorist entities receive most global illicit crypto

Andrea Gacki, director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, appears onscreen during the Chainalysis Links conference in New York, US, on Thursday, May 19, 2022.  Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images Sanctioned entities, like those linked to North Korean hacking groups and U.S.-designated terrorist organizations such … Read more

24-year-old astrologer lost $440,000 by day trading crypto and now lives on credit card debt. Caleb Hammer responds

‘This is the angriest I’ve ever been’: 24-year-old astrologer lost $440,000 by day trading crypto and now lives on credit card debt. Caleb Hammer responds Personal finance YouTuber Caleb Hammer has seen it all — from models who just want to “spend, spend, spend” to 40-year-olds who outright refuse to work. But one of the … Read more

Crypto VC funding climbs for first time in 2 years after bitcoin rally

Jonathan Raa | Nurphoto | Getty Images Crypto had a big bounceback year in 2023. Now, venture investors are returning. Venture funding for crypto-related companies in the fourth quarter of 2023 totaled $1.9 billion, a 2.5% increase from the prior quarter, PitchBook said Thursday. It marks the first time that venture VC investments in crypto … Read more

Crypto exits remain low but investors remain unfazed

The global venture capital market is enduring a long period of limited exits. Startups are staying private longer, M&A is quiet in part due to sharpened regulatory oversight, and the IPO market remains frozen. This means many historical venture deals are slowly rotting on the vine, in IRR terms. The crypto market is no different, … Read more

Crypto market: Today

An image of bitcoin and U.S. currencies is displayed on a screen during the Interpol World Congress in Singapore on July 4, 2017. Roslan Rahman | AFP | Getty Images Cryptocurrencies fell Tuesday amid a broader market sell-off following a hotter-than-expected CPI reading. Bitcoin was down 3% to $48,535.17, according to Coin Metrics. The day … Read more

Perhaps this is why the bitcoin spot ETFs are yet to send crypto prices to the moon

The long-awaited launch of bitcoin spot ETFs in the United States this year helped engender a wave of optimism that the value of the well-known cryptocurrency would quickly appreciate. The logic was simple: With an easy, low-cost avenue now available for regular investors to purchase bitcoin, the supply-demand curve would shift and the value of … Read more