FBI investigating vehicle explosion on U.S.-Canada bridge

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave FBI agents rushed to respond Wednesday to a vehicle explosion on the Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada to Niagara Falls, N.Y. — an incident that comes on one of America’s busiest travel days and as U.S. security officials have expressed heightened concerns about possible attacks. In a statement, … Read more

FBI probes vehicle explosion at Rainbow Bridge on New York-Canada border

Comment on this storyCommentAdd to your saved storiesSave A speeding car that veered off the road, flew over a fence and crashed in a burning fireball at a security station on the U.S.-Canada border sent FBI agents scrambling Wednesday to determine the cause, but officials said there were no signs the fatal wreck was an … Read more

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mike Lee get Jan. 6 footage — but trying to blame the FBI could backfire

No surprise from a guy who took the lead defending Donald Trump’s attempted coup, but the newly appointed Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., moved quickly to abuse his power in an effort to spread lies and disinformation. He’s pretending to do so under the guise of “transparency,” by releasing over 40,000 hours … Read more

Inside Mirai, the Hack that Broke the Internet

In October 2016, a malware tool named Mirai took down some of the biggest sites and services on the web, including Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, PayPal, and Slack. The blackout affected most of the East Coast of the United States, and the size and scope of the outage alarmed the cybersecurity researchers and law enforcement agencies … Read more

Asian Americans Raise Alarm Over ‘Chilling Effects’ of Section 702 Surveillance Program

Dozens of prominent Asian American groups are asking United States lawmakers this morning to hold fast in the face of an anticipated campaign by congressional leaders to extend the Section 702 surveillance program by securing it, like a rider, to another “must pass” bill. Sixty-three groups across the country representing and allied with Asian American … Read more

US Privacy Groups Urge Senate Not to Ram Through NSA Spying Powers

Some of the United States’ largest civil liberties groups are urging Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer not to pursue a short-term extension of the Section 702 surveillance program slated to sunset on December 31. The more than 20 groups—Demand Progress, the Brennan Center for Justice, American Civil Liberties Union, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice among … Read more

NYC Mayor’s Phones and iPad Seized by FBI, Report Says

Photo: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images) The Federal Bureau of Investigations confiscated New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ two cell phones and his iPad this week in a federal corruption investigation into his 2021 campaign, according to The New York Times. Top Takeaways from the Apple Event The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Eric Adams’ … Read more

Senate Leaders Plan to Prolong NSA Surveillance Using a Must-Pass Bill

Leaders in the United States Senate have been discussing plans to extend Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) beyond its December 31 deadline by amending must-pass legislation this month. A senior congressional aide tells WIRED that leadership offices and judiciary sources have both disclosed that discussions are underway about saving the Section … Read more

Government Surveillance Reform Act of 2023 Seeks to End Warrantless Police and FBI Spying

In 1763, the radical journalist and colonial sympathizer John Wilkes published issue no. 45 of North Briton, a periodical of anonymous essays known for its virulent anti-Scottish drivel—and for viciously satirizing a British prime minister until he quit his job. The fallout from the subsequent plan of the British king, George III, to see Wilkes … Read more

FTX Is Sharing Customer Data With the FBI

Sam Bankman-Fried may be headed to prison but the story of FTX is far from over. Indeed, like an evil spirit, the exchange seems destined to haunt the crypto community for the rest of its days. The Biggest Crypto Heists of 2022…So Far Not only has the company’s downfall shattered faith in what was once … Read more