Inside Mirai, the Hack that Broke the Internet

In October 2016, a malware tool named Mirai took down some of the biggest sites and services on the web, including Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, PayPal, and Slack. The blackout affected most of the East Coast of the United States, and the size and scope of the outage alarmed the cybersecurity researchers and law enforcement agencies … Read more

The NSA Seems Pretty Stressed About the Threat of Chinese Hackers in US Critical Infrastructure

The United States National Security Agency is often tight-lipped about its work and intelligence. But at the Cyberwarcon security conference in Washington DC on Thursday, two members of the agency’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center had a “call to action” for the cybersecurity community: Beware the threat of Chinese government-backed hackers embedding in US critical infrastructure. Alongside … Read more

The 12 best gifts for hackers in 2023

There is a misconception that all hacking is illegal. However, hacking is simply identifying weaknesses in services or a device — whether it is a PC, smartphone, or another physical object — and software, including apps, and attempting to exploit them. This could include a computer network, old tech equipment, or a website’s backend control … Read more

CCleaner says hackers stole users’ personal data during MOVEit mass-hack

The maker of the popular optimization app CCleaner has confirmed hackers stole a trove of personal information about its paid customers following a data breach in May. In an email sent to customers, Gen Digital, the multinational software company that owns CCleaner, Avast, NortonLifeLock and Avira brands, said that the hackers exploited a vulnerability in … Read more

Hackers leak more 23andMe data, X cracks down on porn and Andreessen writes a manifesto

Welcome, folks, to Week in Review (WiR), TechCrunch’s regular newsletter that highlights notable tech industry happenings over the past few days. Life moves pretty fast, as a young Matthew Broderick once said — we empathize. Fortunately, there’s WiR to get you caught up to speed. In this edition of WiR, we cover a hacker leaking … Read more

Okta says hackers stole customer access tokens from support unit

Identity and access giant Okta said a hacker broke into its customer support ticket system and stole sensitive files that can be used to break into the networks of Okta’s customers. Okta chief security officer David Bradbury said in a blog post Friday that a hacker used a stolen credential to access the company’s support … Read more

Hackers attack Guatemalan government webpages in support of pro-democracy protests

GUATEMALA CITY — In what Guatemalan authorities described as a national security incident, hackers affiliated with the activist group Anonymous disabled multiple government webpages Saturday. The attacks were in support of demonstrations led by Indigenous organizations in the Central American country. For almost two weeks, demonstrators have been calling for the resignation of Guatemalan Attorney … Read more

State-backed hackers are exploiting new ‘critical’ Atlassian zero-day bug

Microsoft says Chinese state-backed hackers are exploiting a “critical”-rated zero-day vulnerability in Atlassian software to break into customer systems. The technology giant’s threat intelligence team said in a post on X, formerly Twitter, that it has observed a nation-state threat actor it calls Storm-0062 exploiting a recently disclosed critical flaw in Atlassian Confluence Data Center … Read more

Hackers are selling the data of millions lifted from 23andMe’s genetic database

23andMe posted a blog yesterday saying that data from users of its genetic testing and analysis platform has been circulating on dark web forums after hackers used recycled logins to gain access to get into accounts. BleepingComputer wrote on Thursday that a hacker leaked what they said was “1 million lines of data” for Ashkenazi … Read more

MGM didn’t pay up after hackers broke into its system and stole customer data

The Wall Street Journal wrote on Thursday that MGM Resorts International didn’t pay the ransomware attackers who broke into its systems last month, forcing the company to shut down systems at several of its hotels and casinos. The hack kept many waiting to check into their rooms, including FTC chair Lina Kahn, who was in … Read more