Kim Kardashian Kisses Emma Roberts in Trailer for ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’ | American Horror Story, Emma Roberts, FX, Kim Kardashian, Television, Trailer | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts share a kiss in the trailer for the second part of American Horror Story: Delicate. The reality star plays a publicist named Siobhan Corbyn in the latest season of the horror anthology. She works with Emma‘s character Anna. After the series was put on pause in late 2023 due to … Read more

Scream May Be the Only Horror Franchise That Can Never Die

The Big Picture Scream stands out from other horror franchises due to its linear storyline. Scream ‘s success is also due to the revolving Ghostface villain, making the franchise endless. The franchise remains fresh by building upon established lore and embracing original characters in new ways. When it comes to horror movies that changed and … Read more

One of the Best Horror Movies Gives Away Its Plot in the First 10 Minutes

The Big Picture John Carpenter’s The Thing is a masterpiece of horror that explores human behavior through intense paranoia and groundbreaking effects. The film’s focus on miscommunication and trust issues adds another layer of terror, making it a cult classic despite initial poor reception. The ambiguous ending, with characters facing the unknown, reinforces themes of … Read more

Little Shop of Horrors’ Reboot May Finally Sprout to Life

Image: Warner Bros. Hollywood’s been trying for years now to revive Little Shop of Horrors for a new cinematic audience. Last we heard, Arrowverse head Greg Berlanti was going to try his hand at it with Billy Porter and maybe Chris Evans. That version ultimately got scrapped in 2022, but Hollywood’s angling to try and … Read more

The Horror of Ramadan in Gaza

The holy month of Ramadan started early for Muslims in Gaza this year. In some sense, we’ve been fasting since October. But for tragic reasons. Ramadan has a special place in every Muslim’s heart. We wait for it all year. As a small child, I remember my excitement at hanging colorful lanterns on the house. … Read more

The Camp Host Puts a Post-Pandemic Spin on the Wilderness Horror Genre

The wilderness—dark forests, rural backroads—is a go-to setting for the horror genre for obvious reasons. What better place to see city slickers flail than deep within nature, miles from the nearest cell-phone tower, surrounded by unfamiliar and inevitably hostile forces? Rainn Wilson’s First Fandoms: Star Trek And D&D The Camp Host, an indie hitting free … Read more

15 Underrated Horror Movies With Famous Horror Actors

Some of the best modern horror movies feature incredible performances from actors and actresses, quickly making them the new faces of horror. Of course, some names that come to mind are the likes of Florence Pugh in Midsommar or Anya Taylor-Joy in The Witch. Both of these performers have showcased an incredible talent for delving … Read more

2 More Classic Fairy Tales Are Secretly Getting Horror Versions In 2024

Summary Horror adaptations of children’s stories are on the rise, with two more set for 2024 release. Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey sparked interest in other horror versions, making way for Bampire and Your Monster. Artists are modernizing public domain stories with a horror twist, aiming to shock and captivate audiences. Among the ongoing trends in … Read more