Ethiopia’s biggest bank says it has recouped most of the cash lost during a system glitch

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia’s biggest bank says it has recouped nearly 80% of the cash it lost during what it says was a glitch in its system that allowed customers to take out more money than they had in their accounts. Abe Sano, president of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, told reporters Tuesday that … Read more

Schumer says Netanyahu ‘lost his way.’ Would a new leader change course on Gaza?

JERUSALEM — In the United States, even Israel’s closest friends have begun to say out loud that Benjamin Netanyahu stands as an obstacle to peace. The Israeli prime minister has pushed back on pressure from the White House and congressional Democrats, insisting that his government’s prosecution of the war in Gaza has mainstream backing in … Read more

Ferrari boss promises ’emotion’ won’t be lost in EV engine roar

A Ferrari is parked outside the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of Ferrari Automotive Company’s IPO on October 21, 2015 in New York City. Andrew Burton | Getty Images Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna promised on Tuesday that the luxury carmaker’s new electric vehicle will offer drivers the same roar as its historic combustion engines. … Read more

Missions Where Roronoa Zoro Lost

Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest swordsmen in the One Piece universe. Throughout his journey, he experienced many difficulties. Although his talent and willpower allowed him to win many battles, his losses proved to be trials for his spirit. They also forced him to emerge stronger. Here’s a list of all the failures that … Read more

How To Use the Find My App to Find Your Lost iPhone

With the goldfish memory I have, I leave my iPhone in the strangest places and forget where I saw it last. I’ve recovered my phone from the kitchen cabinets, inside dressing table drawers, and the closet. Thankfully, I’ve never had it stolen, but I’d want to be prepared for that, too. Is USB-C Finally Coming … Read more

How Ukraine lost Avdiivka to Russia

SLOVIANSK, Ukraine (AP) — One Ukrainian brigade had defended the same block of industrial buildings for months without a break. Another had been in Avdiivka for nearly the entire two years of the war, bone-tired but with no replacements to relieve them. Ammunition was low, and the Russians conducted dozens of airstrikes every day, using … Read more

Bumble lost a third of its Texas workforce after state passed restrictive ‘Heartbeat Act’ abortion bill

Bumble has lost a third of its Texas workforce in the months since the state passed the controversial abortion SB 8 (Senate Bill 8), also known as the Texas Heartbeat Act, over a year ago. This new data point was shared by Bumble’s Interim General Counsel, Elizabeth Monteleone, speaking on a panel this afternoon at … Read more

NYCB lost 7% of deposits in past month, slashes dividend to 1 cent

New York Community Bank said Thursday it lost 7% of its deposits in the turbulent month before announcing a $1 billion-plus capital injection from investors led by former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s Liberty Strategic Capital. The bank had $77.2 billion in deposits as of March 5, NYCB said in an investor presentation tied to the … Read more

Ryan Garcia Says He Lost Access To Phone, Credit Cards, I’m Not Dead!

Play video content Ryan Garcia wants his family and fans to know he is alive and “okay” … but his current situation is far from pleasant — claiming he has been stripped of access to his phone, Instagram and finances. TMZ Sports has obtained a video statement from King Ryan himself … where he … Read more

18 Signs From The Past Week That Made Ma Laugh So Hard, I Lost Consciousness For A Second And Saw The Other Side

We had to take a break from the weekly funniest signs roundup last week, but we’re back, and the signs are just as funny and sign-y as ever! Please enjoy, courtesy of r/funnysigns. 1.”One year left…” —u/ilaydagirl u/ilaydagirl / Via 2.”Is that even physically possible?” —u/celestial-chic u/celestial-chic / Via 3.”Time to paint me.” … Read more