Sailors playing heavy metal to scare killer whales may be putting a target on their backs by telling the orcas exactly where to find them

Some sailors off the Iberian coast are turning to heavy metal to deter orcas from ramming into their boats. A marine mammal researcher told Insider that the strategy could backfire. The music will also add to human-made ocean noise, which is already a major issue for marine animals. Sailors using heavy metal music to deter … Read more

Tyson Recalls Dino Chicken Nuggets After Report of Metal Pieces

Tyson Foods announced that it is voluntarily recalling almost 30,000 pounds of its famous (and delicious) dinosaur-shaped nuggets this weekend after some consumers reported finding little bits of metal in their patties. Get Gorditas From a Tube at Taco Bell ‘Defy’ The recall announcement came this Saturday and will affect the 29-ounce bags containing “fully … Read more

The Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection is an exhaustive bundle of stealth classics

When discussing his inspiration for the original 1987 Metal Gear game, series creator Hideo Kojima has often referred to the limitations of the MSX2 system it was designed for. With hard limits on the amount of sprites the machine could show on screen and limited support for scrolling graphics, the designer decided to make a … Read more

Things Are Looking Up for Asteroid Mining

Everyone’s into asteroids these days. Space agencies in Japan and the United States recently sent spacecraft to investigate, nudge, or bring back samples from these hurtling space rocks, and after a rocky start, the space mining industry is once again on the ascent. Companies like AstroForge, Trans Astronautica Corporation, and Karman+ are preparing to test … Read more

SpaceX Launches NASA’s Mission to Metal World

A NASA spacecraft is about to embark on a 2.2 billion mile journey through space to reach a rare, metal-rich asteroid beyond the orbit of Mars. Astronomers Could Soon Get Warnings When SpaceX Satellites Threaten Their View The Psyche mission is set to launch on Thursday at 10:16 a.m. ET, if weather conditions permit; the … Read more

Best Bed Frames (2023): Easy Assembly, Fabric, Wood, and Metal

I’ve owned Thuma’s The Bed for three years now, and it feels as good as new. You don’t need a single tool to assemble this wooden bed frame. The company uses traditional Japanese joinery techniques, and it took me about 15 minutes to put the whole thing together. That means disassembly and reassembly when I … Read more

A Norwegian man wanted a pastime. His new metallic detector discovered a showy 1,500-year-old gold necklace

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — At first, the Norwegian man thought his metallic detector reacted to chocolate cash buried within the soil. It turned out to be 9 pendants, three rings and 10 gold pearls somebody might need worn as showy jewellery 1,500 years in the past. The uncommon discover was made this summer season by 51-year-old … Read more

It’s Metallic Gear Strong Delta, not Metallic Gear Strong Triangle

Sony and Konami simply revealed a Metallic Gear Strong 3 remake, but it surely has a curious brand that reads Metallic Gear Strong Δ: Snake Eater. Whereas making ready our article in regards to the announcement, I assumed that triangle image translated to Metallic Gear Strong Delta, however after I learn Kotaku’s excellent piece in … Read more