A mysterious respiratory illness is spreading among dogs and baffling veterinarians. Here’s what owners can do

From New Hampshire to Oregon, researchers are trying to figure out what’s causing an infectious respiratory disease among dogs that has turned deadly in rare cases. The mysterious illness is described as an “atypical canine infectious respiratory disease,” the Oregon Department of Agriculture said in a November 9 news release. Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, eye … Read more

iPhone 15 owners are reportedly having major issues with GM vehicles

Jason Hiner/ZDNET Just a month after the news that wirelessly charging your iPhone 15 in a BMW vehicle could potentially destroy your phone, another iPhone issue related to vehicles has emerged — and this time with GM vehicles. Also: The best early Black Friday Apple deals 2023 While the BMW bug has been fixed, in … Read more

PS5 owners can now claim six free months of Apple Music

Apple and Sony have put together a promotional offer for PS5 owners that allows them to enjoy ad-free access to the Apple Music streaming service for up to six months. The offer is available for new and “qualified returning” Apple Music customers until November 15th, 2024, and can be activated by simply downloading and signing … Read more

Apple is giving iPhone 14 owners an extra year of free Emergency SOS services

iPhone 14 and 15 buyers won’t need to pay for Apple’s satellite-powered Emergency SOS safety feature anytime soon. This morning, the company announced that it’s extending the free phase of Emergency SOS for an additional year for iPhone 14 owners. That means that the service will now lapse at the same time for both iPhone … Read more

iPhone users keep their phones longer than Android owners

Maria Diaz/ZDNET The iPhone design has changed many times over the years, albeit never too drastically. Even if Apple releases a new version of its flagship smartphone every year, it’s not rare to see people using iPhone 11, X, or even older.  And it’s been proven: 61% of iPhone users kept their previous iPhones for … Read more

Business owners in a Ukrainian front-line city adapt even as ‘a missile can come at any moment’

KRAMATORSK, Ukraine — In a city where damaged buildings are everywhere, a destroyed pizzeria stands out as a painful reminder of lives and livelihoods dashed in an instant. A Russian ballistic missile struck the popular eatery in eastern Ukraine in June, killing 13 people including an award-winning Ukrainian writer and several teenagers. Seven of the … Read more

Pixel 6 owners who use multiple profiles run into problems with Android 14

Some Pixel 6 users are reporting strange issues after updating their devices to the new Android 14 OS, which launched on October 4th for Pixel devices. One critical-sounding bug that seems to have spread to multiple users is losing access to internal storage, which ends up in a complete loss of data. Others seem to … Read more

California’s so-called ‘draconian’ fast-food bill is now law — here’s why McDonald’s franchisees say it’ll cost small business owners $250K per year

‘A devastating financial blow’: California’s so-called ‘draconian’ fast-food bill is now law — here’s why McDonald’s franchisees say it’ll cost small business owners $250K per year Amid a throng of cheering workers and labor leaders, California Governor Gavin Newsom smiled as he delivered news that would change many of their lives. The Democratic leader had … Read more

A Lot of Pet Owners (Wrongly) Think Vaccines Are Bad for Dogs

The anti-vaccination movement is going to the dogs. Recent survey data has suggested that a substantial proportion of American dog owners have doubts about their pets’ vaccines, including the rabies shot. Rabies is almost always fatal if not treated promptly, and routine canine vaccination has helped make pet and human cases of the viral disease … Read more

Electric Era’s EV charging station system design might attract gas station owners

A young electric vehicle infrastructure company founded by former SpaceX employees called Electric Era has designed EV charging stations that convenience stores can buy and manage with minimal power upgrades. Now, with a new round of funding led by Chevron Technology Ventures, the startup hopes it can convince prospective buyers to ease in on the … Read more