Why Is the Slack Hold Music So Haunted and So Good?

When Danny Simmons finished his first Slack Huddle, the same thing happened to him as did me: He didn’t hang up, the music faded in, and he went hunting for the source. Only he wasn’t looking for a random auto-playing browser tab. He was trying to figure out how a long-ago basement recording session from … Read more

How to Free Up Space in Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive

How many unread emails do you have right now? Sixty? Six thousand? Well, all of those messages and attachments take up space, whether they’re unread, old, or archived. And if you’re on Gmail and aren’t one of those weird inbox zero people who stays on top of things, you might be running out of space. … Read more

Google announces new accessibility and productivity features at MWC

Google announced a new set of features for phones, cars, and wearables today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. These features include using Gemini to craft messages, AI-generated captions for images, summarizing texts through AI for Android Auto, and access to passes on Wear OS. The company’s Gemini implementation for image generation is … Read more

Notion acquires privacy-focused productivity platform Skiff

Notion launched its new calendar based on Cron last month, but its productivity suit can soon have more privacy-focused offerings. The company announced today that it has acquired Skiff, a platform that offers end-to-end encrypted file storage, docs, calendar events, and email. Skiff was started in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg. The company … Read more

5 Linux productivity apps I depend on every day, and how to install them from Snap

encrier/Getty Images Snap packages make it possible to install applications on Linux that might not be available otherwise. And although Snap isn’t the Linux community’s favorite universal package format (that title belongs to Flatpak), I’ve found Snaps to be incredibly handy. In fact, I’ve been using Snap packages for quite some time, primarily because I … Read more

Slack Is Turning 10 Years Old, and Wow Has It Changed Everything

Lauren Goode: When you first started at WIRED back in the last century, there was no Slack. Michael Calore: You mean we weren’t given any slack? Lauren Goode: No. I mean, well, yes, but, I mean, you were not using real-time, nonstop chat apps to talk to people across the newsroom. You had to email … Read more

The AI-Fueled Future of Work Needs Humans More Than Ever

Much like the internet did in the 1990s, AI is going to change the very definition of work. While change can be scary, if the last three years taught us anything, it can also be an opportunity to reinvent how we do things. I believe the best way to manage the changes ahead for employees … Read more

16 Best Paper Planners (2024): Weekly and Daily Planners, Pens, Stickers, and a Digital Tool

Buying a new planner gives me an endorphin rush like no other, whether it’s for a new school semester, work year, or a much-needed fresh start. A good one should help you stay on track without overwhelming you. Some folks on WIRED’s Gear team prefer paper planners over digital tools. Plus, writing things down has … Read more