They opened him up to remove his appendix. They mistakenly took out much more, lawsuit says.

A Washington man who went to the emergency room over stomach pains is suing a hospital and two doctors after he claims surgeons removed the wrong organ from his body during surgery. George Piano and his wife Elizabeth Piano, from Lake Forest Park, filed a medical malpractice lawsuit Nov. 2 in King County Superior Court … Read more

Matthew Perry Death, Coroner Arrives to Remove Body, Launch Investigation

The Matthew Perry death investigation is underway after the L.A. County Coroner arrived at his home to begin the autopsy process. The coroner’s large white van pulled up Saturday evening outside the Pacific Palisades home where Matthew was found dead earlier that day. Several members of the coroner’s team rolled the body out on a … Read more

Firefighters work until dawn to remove wreckage of bus carrying tourists in Venice; 21 dead

VENICE — Firefighters worked until dawn Wednesday to remove the wreckage of a bus that crashed in a borough of Venice, Italy, across the lagoon from its historic center, killing 21 people and injuring at least 15, mostly foreign tourists returning to a nearby camping site. The victims included at least four Ukrainians and a … Read more

Israel’s High Court hears challenge to law that makes it harder to remove Netanyahu from office

JERUSALEM — Israel’s Supreme Court on Thursday was hearing a challenge to a law that makes it harder to remove a sitting prime minister, which critics say is designed to protect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has been working to reshape the justice system while he is on trial for alleged corruption. The hearing is … Read more

Philippines vows to remove floating barrier placed by China at a disputed lagoon

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine coast guard said Monday it has complied with a presidential order to remove a floating barrier placed by China’s coast guard to prevent Filipino fishing boats from entering a lagoon in a disputed shoal in the South China Sea. Philippine officials condemned the installation of the 300-meter (980-foot) -long barrier … Read more

Philippines to remove barrier placed by China in South China Sea

MANILA (Reuters) -The Philippines will take “all appropriate actions to cause the removal of barriers” in a disputed area of the South China Sea, the country’s national security advisor said on Monday. The Philippines on Sunday shared images of a floating barrier blocking fishing vessel access in the Scarborough Shoal with Chinese coast guard ships … Read more

Greg Gutfeld Says CNN Lastly Criticizing Joe Biden Means They’re ‘Getting the Go-Forward to Slowly Take away Him’ (Video)

Greg Gutfeld and “The 5” couldn’t assist however discover that the phrases “Trump was proper” lately got here out of CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s mouth – and see it as half of a bigger sample. “You understand issues are unhealthy when Biden’s media minions cease overlaying up for Hunter,” Gutfeld mentioned on Monday’s primetime Fox … Read more