With mapping robots and blast gel, Israel wages war on Hamas tunnels

By Dan Williams ZEELIM GROUND FORCES BASE, Israel (Reuters) – After locating what they described as the entrance to a Hamas tunnel under an evacuated hospital in northern Gaza, Israeli army engineers filled the passage with exploding gel and hit the detonator. The blast engulfed the building and sent smoke spewing out of at least … Read more

The 10 Saddest Robots Ever Built

Photo: AP Photo/Stocktrek Images (AP) Right now, the Mars rover Curiosity is trudging through the dusty terrain of the red planet, where it’s been hard at work for over ten years. Among its many onboard devices, the car-sized robot has a machine on its belly called the “sample-analysis unit.” Curiosity uses its mechanical arm to … Read more

Google DeepMind’s robotics head on general purpose robots, generative AI and office WiFi

[A version of this piece first appeared in TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here.] Earlier this month, Google’s DeepMind team debuted Open X-Embodiment, a database of robotics functionality created in collaboration with 33 research institutes. The researchers involved compared the system to ImageNet, the landmark database founded in 2009 that is now home to more than … Read more

Amazon’s Tye Brady discusses generative AI, humanoid robots and mobile manipulation

A version of this post first appeared in TechCrunch’s weekly robotics newsletter, Actuator. Subscribe here. Last week was a busy one for robotics. We had RoboBusiness in the Bay, ROSCon in New Orleans and Amazon’s Delivering the Future event in Seattle. I ended up choosing the latter, as I’d gotten quite a bit out of … Read more

Humanoid robots face a major test with Amazon’s Digit pilots

Announced amid a deluge of news at this week’s Delivering the Future event in Seattle was word that Amazon will begin testing Agility’s Digit in a move that could bring the bipedal robot to its nationwide fulfillment centers. It’s baby steps as these things go, and such early-stage deals don’t necessary mean something bigger down … Read more

Meet the Next Generation of Doctors—and Their Surgical Robots

While there is currently no single standardized curriculum for using the surgical robot, students generally practice on simulators, work as bedside assists for around 10 cases, and then transition to working on the console with the help of an attending surgeon. In the past, there has been an emphasis on the amount of time spent … Read more

Hey Zuck, Get Those Robots out of My Social Feed

When I bring up these concerns to Meta’s VP of generative AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle, post-keynote, he accuses me of having “a dystopian point of view.” Adding AI bots to the various feeds will spur human connection, he counters. “I think these AIs are entertaining and can help people learn new skills that help them better … Read more

FedEx’s New Robot Loads Delivery Trucks Like It’s Playing 3D Tetris

“In the last year or two, people have taken advances in AI and machine learning and said ‘we can make a real business case here, whether it’s lowering costs or improving efficiency or whatever,” says Matthew Johnson-Roberson, director of the robotics institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Johnson-Roberson says years of investment in areas like self-driving … Read more

Google DeepMind’s new RT-2 system allows robots to carry out novel duties

Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Photos As synthetic intelligence advances, we glance to a future with extra robots and automations than ever earlier than. They already encompass us — the robotic vacuum that may expertly navigate your house, a robotic pet companion to entertain your furry pals, and robotic lawnmowers to take over weekend chores. We look like inching … Read more

Dexory nabs $19M to carry visibility to warehouses by analytics and autonomous robots

Dexory, an organization that serves warehouses with real-time stock administration information utilizing AI software program and autonomous robots, has raised $19 million in a Sequence A spherical of funding led by European VC Atomico. Based out of London in 2015, Dexory’s product might be cut up into two segments. On the {hardware} facet, the corporate … Read more