Why Is the Slack Hold Music So Haunted and So Good?

When Danny Simmons finished his first Slack Huddle, the same thing happened to him as did me: He didn’t hang up, the music faded in, and he went hunting for the source. Only he wasn’t looking for a random auto-playing browser tab. He was trying to figure out how a long-ago basement recording session from … Read more

Slack Is Turning 10 Years Old, and Wow Has It Changed Everything

Lauren Goode: When you first started at WIRED back in the last century, there was no Slack. Michael Calore: You mean we weren’t given any slack? Lauren Goode: No. I mean, well, yes, but, I mean, you were not using real-time, nonstop chat apps to talk to people across the newsroom. You had to email … Read more

7 Slack privacy settings you should check right now

It’s a “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge,” and we’re just living in it. Slack knows all your secrets. Your trash talking DMs, your business plans made with the boss, numerous untold corporate musings — they all fill the San Francisco-based company’s servers, waiting to be viewed by a nosey CEO, a skilled hacker, … Read more

Slack gets rid of its X integration

Slack has retired its integration with X (formerly Twitter) because of X’s API changes introduced earlier this year. According to Slack, X’s API changes affected the functionality of the integration, which led to the decision to retire it. “Slack’s integration with X relies on access to its API, and changes to that API this spring … Read more

Slack has a solution to those awkward moments before a video meeting starts

Slack The pandemic revolutionized how people communicate, with video calls being the cornerstone of the workday. A universal part of the video call experience is awkwardly waiting for everyone to join the call. Slack has a new feature that should make the wait time more bearable.  Slack has its own meeting feature called Huddles, which … Read more