Interview With the Vampire Season 2 Will Unlock Deeply Hidden Memories

Image: AMC AMC’s beloved messy vampire drama will soon return for second bites. In season two of Interview with The Vampire, Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) continues to recount his life story to Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian)— but this time, with his partner Armand (Assad Zaman) chiming in. Why Are Vampires Associated With Queerness? Season … Read more

Pedro Pascal Reveals Just How Important Buffy the Vampire Slayer Was to His Career

Pedro Pascal at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California. Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images) Pedro Pascal is currently living his absolute best life; after rising to fame on Game of Thrones and Narcos, he’s now an A-list star of screens big (Fantastic Four) and small (The Mandalorian, The Last of Us). … Read more

Melanie Lynskey Reluctantly Auditioned For Buffy The Vampire Slayer Only To Be Rejected

But it wasn’t just Hollywood stars who were considered for a role in “Buffy.” Some hugely popular musicians almost appeared in small roles in the series, but their careers got in the way. This includes Jenny Lewis, best known for her band Rilo Kiley, who has also acted in films like “The Wizard” and “Pleasantville.” … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Did This Character Dirty — and No, It’s Not Bonnie

The Big Picture Enzo’s tragic journey in The Vampire Diaries was filled with suffering and missed opportunities for happiness. His misfortune was often at the hands of the Salvatore brothers, particularly Damon, who left him in captivity and killed his love interest. Enzo’s redemption arc and love story with Bonnie was cut short when he … Read more

Vampire Weekend’s New Album Is Done

Earlier this year, Vampire Weekend released a vinyl-only live album, Frog on the Bass Drum Vol. 01, featuring songs they played on tour in Indianapolis in June 2019. Included with the LP was a newsletter featuring a band update from drummer Chris Tomson, who wrote, “Ezra [Koenig] took a raga singing lesson with Terry Riley … Read more

‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Actor Camden Toy Dead At 68

Camden Toy, known for his work on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” has died. The actor passed away Monday following a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer … according to his Facebook page, which has been flooded with an outpouring of fans, friends and family honoring the late actor. Camden’s partner, Bea Henderson, said he was diagnosed … Read more

Spotify Wrapped Is Back Again. Are You a Vampire or a Shape Shifter?

Your first gift of the holiday season has arrived: It’s Spotify Wrapped time. The annual packaging of people’s most-listened-to tracks and artists begins rolling out this morning. An unofficial start to the gifting season, Wrapped has proved to be a social trend that just won’t die. To some, its dominance is cringe (or a FOMO … Read more

The Vampire Bat Is Moving Closer to the US. That’s a Problem

But vampire bats represent a new threat because they feed on the blood of other animals. Their usual victims are livestock, and occasionally wild mammals and birds. Using their sharp front teeth, they make a small incision in their victim’s skin and lap up a teaspoon or two of blood with their tongues. The bites … Read more

Interview With the Vampire Star on Gay Rights and Gay Wrongs

The AMC adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire is a rich gothic romance that takes the source material and updates it in ways that are both fascinating and, at time, far more explicit than the books ever were. While gay sex was deftly skirted around, the deed was all but said in the novels. … Read more

I Woke Up A Vampire Cast & Character Guide

Summary “I Woke Up a Vampire” combines coming-of-age drama with the supernatural, following the struggles of a half-human, half-supernatural character. The show’s entertaining and colorful characters, portrayed by a talented young cast, inject energy and excitement into every scene. Kaileen Angelic Chang, Niko Ceci, and Zebastin Borjeau deliver impressive performances as the main characters, bringing … Read more