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Dwelling SR Originals Teen Wolf Season 3 Explains Why Derek Is So Overprotective In The Film

Derek’s might have appeared overprotective towards Eli in Teen Wolf: The Film, however it is smart that he would fear for his son after season 3.

Warning! SPOILERS for Teen Wolf: The Film!

Whereas Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) habits towards Eli (Vince Mattis) might have appeared overbearing in Teen Wolf: The Film, it is smart on account of Teen Wolf season 3. Coming-of-age tales that focus on Eli’s battle to seek out his id make excellent sense for the teen-centered supernatural drama, however it’s a new shift for the film to see the youthful protagonists of the present shift into the parental roles. Derek is an ideal instance of how Teen Wolf: The Film used this shift to the perfect impact, making his arc each poignant and tragic.


Teen Wolf: The Film depicts the return of the McCall pack to face a brand new menace that resurrected Scott’s (Tyler Posey) previous flame, Allison Argent (Crystal Reed). However for Derek, his private story revolved round his relationship together with his teen son, Eli, and his Teen Wolf future as he grew into, or moderately resisted, his lycanthropic nature. This arc is especially private for Derek given the sturdy distinction between his son and himself at that age in Teen Wolf, the place Derek’s talents had been at all times embraced and celebrated earlier than the Argents burned down the werewolf household’s residence.

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Teen Wolf Proved Derek Skilled A Lot Of Trauma When He Was Eli’s Age

With this distinction between Derek and his son already established, it makes much more sense that Derek is so protecting of Eli in Teen Wolf: The Film. That is very true provided that by the point Derek was Eli’s age, he’d already skilled a number of large losses and private shifts in his life. Not solely had he misplaced nearly all of his household within the Hale hearth, however he’d additionally been betrayed by one in all his few remaining family, Peter Hale (Ian Stuart Bohen) when Peter killed Derek’s sister for her Alpha talents. This, in flip, led to additional trauma for the Teen Wolf shapeshifter when he killed his uncle – even when it was for righteous causes.

Even after Derek struggled by means of this battle within the early seasons of Teen Wolf, he nonetheless was not allowed any peace, particularly relating to these he beloved present process the transition to turn into a werewolf. In any case, when Derek was 15, he was compelled to kill his then-girlfriend Paige Krasikeva (Madison McLaughlin) when she rejected a werewolf chew. This alone would have been sufficient to present Derek severe attachment points with these he beloved turning into werewolves, however Paige’s demise additionally helped set off the later occasions of Teen Wolf season 3 as nicely. As such, it’s no surprise Derek would wish to defend Eli throughout his transition at any value in Teen Wolf: The Film.

Why Derek’s Loss of life In The Teen Wolf Film Is So Tragic

In any case the difficulty he skilled in Teen Wolf season 3, Derek’s demise for his family and friends on the finish of Teen Wolf: The Film is all of the extra tragic. Not solely does his loss deprive Eli of his father, however on a private degree, Derek can now not information Eli on the werewolf journey that was so private for him. In addition to this, Derek’s demise implies that he couldn’t break the cycle of loss that started together with his household residence burning down, which led to Derek rising up with out a father simply as Eli will now come of age with out his.

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