Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Talking of destiny, simply earlier than Kathleen can execute Henry, one of many militia vans explodes and opens a gap within the floor, from which comes out a entire horde of contaminated! Higher but, we lastly get a take a look at the which means bloater we first noticed within the trailer. He’s large, he’s terrifying, and he guidelines.

What follows is an absolute bloodbath, a “Day of the Useless”-like nightmare, with the contaminated shortly overrunning and tearing the militia guys aside. Although he saved Sam from the sickness, Henry’s actions doomed the whole Kansas Metropolis settlement. Because the group manages to flee the mayhem and go away city, we see the sight of a little bit contaminated woman killing Kathleen whereas the remainder of the horde runs round, heading in direction of the town. He did so due to his love for his brother, however was it proper?

After they go away, Joel tells Henry they will stick round and accompany them, it would do Sam and Ellie some good to have a pal their age — and based mostly on their dynamic and the enjoyable they’d enjoying soccer within the tunnel hideout, he is proper.

Later, as soon as they accept the evening, Sam asks Ellie if she is ever afraid, to which Ellie responds she is scared on a regular basis, fearful of ending up alone. Sam says he’s fearful of what occurs once you flip right into a monster, and the concept he’ll nonetheless be himself, trapped contained in the contaminated physique. Seems, he was bitten within the leg, and though Ellie tells him she is immune and tries to remedy him by pouring a few of her blood on her wound, Sam succumbs to the an infection by the next morning.

When Ellie approaches him, Sam tries to kill her, earlier than Henry stops him by capturing his brother within the head after which capturing himself out of grief. Ellie is in absolute shock however shortly brushes it off and acts regular. Joel is aware of she is mendacity and sees Ellie buried Sam’s notepad with him with the phrases “I am sorry” written on it.

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