Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

In 1989, Viacom Enterprises (learn: Paramount) launched “The Tremendous Mario Bros Tremendous Present!,” a collection which obtained 65 episodes. Now, it will really feel like we’re pranking you, however all the things you are about to learn is one hundred pc true: “Tremendous Present!” options live-action segments during which Mario (Lou Albano) and his brother, Luigi (Danny Wells), run their very own plumbing enterprise. If that appears like a sitcom, nicely, you are not far off. We’ll come again to this in a second.

“Tremendous Present!” additionally options animated segments, during which Mario and Luigi are transported to the Mushroom Kingdom by way of a busted bathtub drain. As soon as there, the collection extra precisely resembles the video video games. Within the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi should combat alongside Princess Toadstool (Jeannie Elias) to thwart the depraved King Koopa (Harvey Atkin) — aka Princess Peach and Bowser respectively. Right here, “Tremendous Present!” is much less of a sitcom and extra of a typical animated serial. It is all villains and heroes and flavor-of-the-week plots that often wrap up earlier than the episode ends. Typical Saturday morning stuff. 

You must also know that “The Tremendous Mario Bros Tremendous Present!” featured animated segments based mostly on one in every of Nintendo’s different huge online game franchises, “The Legend of Zelda.” (That is probably not related, it is simply cool a cool factor to notice.) The live-action bits embrace a hilariously hokey intro theme during which Albano and Wells groove to a rap beat whereas a disembodied voice proclaims “Evil Koopa and his Troopas are as much as misbehavin’. They kidnapped the princess, Mushroom Land wants savin’.” 

With bars like that, how may Nintendo not convey them again for a brand new coat of paint?

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