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Within the ’90s, wacky mutant TMNT villains had been a dime-a-dozen, however one forgettable unhealthy man was introduced again into canon within the scariest means doable.

All through the various completely different installments of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles canon, quite a few fascinating characters have undergone some fairly dramatic evolutions from one continuity to a different–and this one is not any exception, as TMNT turns a boring ‘90s villain into its most terrifying menace ever.

At present, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is being printed by IDW Publishing underneath which a wholly new canon has been developed from the ground-up–one which has achieved a completely excellent job of weaving collectively unfastened threads of earlier incarnations into one cohesive narrative (whereas making it its personal, in fact). Nonetheless, earlier than the times of IDW Turtles, Archie Comics printed TMNT books, and its method to the lore was far more akin to the basic ‘90s cartoon sequence. The Ninja Turtles had been going through comical, toyetic villains with each journey, together with one shark-mutanimal named Armaggon. Now, inside IDW Publishing, Armaggon has made his villainous return–although it’s not because the wacky shark-man who was simply unhealthy sufficient to be thought-about a villain, it’s as an entity that’s deeply horrifying.


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Armaggon Went From Enjoyable TMNT Villain to a Lovecraftian Nightmare

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Armageddon Recreation – The Alliance #4 by Sophie Campbell (with backup story and artwork by Erik Burnham and Roi Mercado), Donatello, Venus, and Bludgeon are despatched to the long run after Donny tried to make use of his new mystical powers to cease a crew of Utrom assassins in a earlier concern. After they get there, they encounter future variations of Venus and Bludgeon who’ve created their very own ninja clan in an effort to salvage what stays of this desolate world. Sadly, these future mutants are being stalked by a seemingly cosmic TMNT being akin to a Lovecraftian Outdated One: Armaggon. Armaggon is introduced as a large purple shark manifested from the darkish clouds within the sky, with infinite swirls of enamel inside its elongated, sinister mouth. When the previous variations of Venus and Bludgeon attempt to save their future counterparts, they’re instructed that Armaggon will at all times discover them, and that making an attempt to combat again is pointless as nothing they might ever do can be sufficient to cease it–insinuating that this creature is extra of an inevitable pressure of nature than a TMNT villain-of-the-week.

Within the Archie books, Armaggon was a villain from the long run who teamed up with the likes of Shredder and the Verminator to tackle the Ninja Turtles and Man Ray. The unique Armaggon made his debut in 1992’s Mighty Mutanimals #7, a storyline that led into TMNT’s “Future Shark Trilogy”. Identical to a lot of the different TMNT villains of the time, Armaggon was only a enjoyable mutanimal unhealthy man for the heroic mutants to combat. There was nothing cosmically terrifying about him or any indication that he was something greater than what was proven on the floor. In IDW’s continuity, nevertheless, this totally forgettable foe stands out immensely as maybe being the strongest entity the Ninja Turtles have ever encountered–as Armaggon could very effectively be the incarnation of Armageddon itself.

At this level, little or no is thought about IDW’s Armaggon in addition to what was proven on this comedian, which appeared to disclose that Armaggon can’t be battled or overwhelmed, it’s merely the inevitable destiny of all issues–a being of cosmic terror of the best order, and residing proof that the abyss has enamel. Undoubtedly a far cry from the goofy TMNT shark-dude of the ‘90s, however that’s the entire level, as IDW Publishing’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned a boring villain into its most terrifying menace ever.

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