Tori Spelling Forced To Evacuate Rental Home During SWAT Response for Suspected Gunman

Tori Spelling and her kids had a terrifying Wednesday after a SWAT team looking for a man with an assault rifle turned her block upside down.

Tori and co., along with her neighbors, were ordered to evacuate, and no one needed any encouragement to skedaddle.

Witnesses say the talk on the block was that a man next door to Tori’s rental house was barricaded inside with an AR-15. Police took one man into custody.

Tori appeared visibly upset as she raced home in a full sprint … frantically looking for her children. The actress and her family were in the thick of the action.

Tori stood behind the yellow police caution tape as the standoff played out … and she was talking with neighbors and taking phone calls.

Police say it all started with a radio call … with LAPD responding and a SWAT Team assembling too. The good news, cops say no one was hurt.

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