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Though Redmond is initially reluctant to inform the household his personal life story, stress from his fellow horsemen prompts him to supply up particulars. Having badly misplaced a brawl with Andrew, he shares that his father used to beat him when he was a toddler, identical to Andrew did, and that he needs he might introduce his father to the weapon he now wields. He additionally says that he is single; not like the others, he appears to have nobody in his life that he cares about, or who cares about him. And he says that he has executed a while in jail — as we later discover out, for his assault on Andrew — however he isn’t the particular person he as soon as was; he needs to be higher.

It is unclear whether or not Redmond acknowledges Andrew or is conscious of their private connection. However what is obvious is that, just like the three others, he got here to the cabin to try to stop the top of the world, regardless of understanding that he could be the primary in line to die on the first refusal — which, given the circumstances, was just about inevitable. Little surprise that he appeared extra pessimistic and nihilistic, declaring that introducing himself wasn’t necessary and would make no distinction.

However, as Eric tells Andrew earlier than providing himself up because the household’s sacrifice, there was a cause why the 4 horsemen have been common folks as a substitute of inhuman spectres; it was in order that he, Andrew, and Wen would really really feel the burden of their deaths, and the deaths of everybody else on the earth. They’re introduced with 4 faces of humanity, and ultimately — regardless of all the things they have been by means of, even regardless of Andrew being introduced face-to-face with the person who left him each bodily and psychologically scarred — they choose humanity to be price a second probability.

“Knock on the Cabin” is in theaters now.

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