Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

In episode 5, “Two Truths and a Lie,” BFFs Misty and Crystal (Nuha Jes Izman) head to a close-by precipice to dump the camp slop bucket, which, for a cause identified solely to Misty, prompts her to reveal the shameful secret she’s saved bottled inside because the sequence’ second episode: that she destroyed the downed airplane’s black field. When Crystal grows solemn and nervously informs Misty she has to inform the opposite ladies, it is like you possibly can see a swap flick on in Misty’s eyes. She crosses over, briefly inhabiting the state she occupies 100% of the time as an grownup as she squares up, stalks towards Crystal, and threatens her into silence with a vow of retributive homicide. Then Crystal plummets to her loss of life.

In her interview with ET, Hanratty targeted on the temporary moments between Misty’s confession and transformation, wherein she cycles by way of a roster of intense feelings: panic, betrayal, disappointment, anger. “Why she’s so bowled over by Crystal’s response is as a result of it wasn’t actually one thing that she was nervous about saying,” Hanratty ventured. “I do not assume she ever noticed it coming up to now.” Hanratty nails the standard of Misty’s that gives a throughline between her teen and grownup types. Nevertheless unhinged, nevertheless intimidating, Misty all the time appears to be working from a spot of pure innocence, even ignorance, towards her personal motivations.

“I feel that is a part of what makes Misty so harmful. She does not actually take duty for the issues she does,” Hanratty continued, highlighting the non-consensual mushroom dosing of all her teammates. “She does not come clean with issues, which makes her so scary.”

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