22 Harry Potter Gifts Perfect for Any Aspiring Wizard

Home decor is one element of Potter-fying your space, and filling the air with themed scents is another. This Harry Potter collection from Homesick includes several fragrance options, including one for each house. (My personal favorite is the one for Gryffindor — it has a nice, warm cinnamon aroma. But each has a unique scent depending on what you’re into — you can check out more descriptions here.) Homesick recently added three new scents inspired by popular wizarding sites: Diagon Alley, Platform 9 3/4 and Quidditch Pitch (my favorite of these three is Platform 9 3/4 — it has a smoky, woody, musk aroma). There’s also a cute Sorting Hat air freshener. You can buy individual candles for $44, or the 3-wick Hogwarts candle for $75.

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