What Is Nowruz? Spring Festival Celebrated by Millions

Some 300 million people around the world are starting their annual celebration of renewal and harmony with nature in what is to them the biggest cultural holiday of the year, typically involving 13 days of rituals. Nowruz (alternatively spelled Nauruz, Nauryz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nooruz, Norooz, Norouz, or Novruz), also known as Persian New Year (Nowruz … Read more

Russia says it will evacuate 9,000 children from a border region targeted from the Ukrainian side

A Russian border region plans to evacuate some 9,000 children from the area as it is continuously shelled from the Ukrainian side, an official said Tuesday. Kyiv’s forces have increasingly been striking at targets behind the extensive front line that has changed little after more than two years of war. The children are to be … Read more

MrBeast’s $5 million game show for Prime Video could one-up Netflix’s Squid Game

YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) has struck a deal with Prime Video to host a new reality competition series called Beast Games. The show will have 1,000 contestants competing for a $5 million reward, which the press release claims is “the biggest single prize in the history of television and streaming.” There aren’t any details yet … Read more

Scream May Be the Only Horror Franchise That Can Never Die

The Big Picture Scream stands out from other horror franchises due to its linear storyline. Scream ‘s success is also due to the revolving Ghostface villain, making the franchise endless. The franchise remains fresh by building upon established lore and embracing original characters in new ways. When it comes to horror movies that changed and … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence exposes dark reality of Hollywood producers?

Jennifer Lawrence exposes dark reality of Hollywood producers? Hollywood allegedly has set an unrealistic set of standards when it comes to beauty. Jennifer Lawrence said she had to endure one after producers demand. Reflecting on the degrading attitude she suffered, the Oscar winner said her road to stardom was beset by her body image issues. … Read more

Ferrari boss promises ’emotion’ won’t be lost in EV engine roar

A Ferrari is parked outside the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of Ferrari Automotive Company’s IPO on October 21, 2015 in New York City. Andrew Burton | Getty Images Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna promised on Tuesday that the luxury carmaker’s new electric vehicle will offer drivers the same roar as its historic combustion engines. … Read more

Ingrid receives $23M to expand an e-commerce delivery platform that snubs ‘free shipping’

Ingrid — a startup out of Stockholm, Sweden, not this writer (unfortunately) — has raised €21 million, or just under $23 million, to fuel the growth of a business aiming to improve the last, messy mile of online shopping, delivery. Using data science and some big ideas about how delivery will evolve in the years … Read more